Cost of living: Minister says those grappling with bills “should work longer hours or move to a better-paid job”

Cost of living: Minister says those grappling with bills


Government minister Rachel McLean criticized that, saying those grappling with their bills “should spend more hours or move on to a better-paying job.”

talking with news from heavenThe security minister suggested how families can “protect themselves” from the rising cost of living.

According to the National Institute of Economic and Social Research (NIESR), inflation has reached its highest level in the past 30 years and nearly 1.5 million British households will find it difficult to pay for food and energy next year.

Ms McLean said: “In the long run we have to put in place a plan to grow the economy and ensure that people are able to better protect themselves, whether it’s to spend more hours or move to a better paying job And these may be long-term actions, but as a government we are focused on this”.

He said each minister is looking at how to ease the “short-term pressure” of rising energy bills and food prices, but added that the government is focused on “long-term action” to protect the population.

When asked about people who have to go to food banks despite already having three jobs, he said the idea “may not be for everyone.”

Ms McLean advised people to go to employment centers and hire trainers who tailor their support to suit each individual, potentially offering some people extra hours.

“But obviously it won’t work for people who are already working in three jobs,” he said.

Labor government shadow minister Ian Murray said the “ridiculous” council was dated to the era of Margaret Thatcher’s rule.

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Scotland’s shadow secretary said: “Sounds like ‘get on a bike’ Norman Tebitt’s instructions from the 1980s.

“He is so out of touch with reality that I’m sure the minister knows how ridiculous he is, but they will defend Boris Johnson at all costs.”



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