Costa Cruise Returns to Sea: New Itinerary for the 2022-2023 Season

Costa Cruise Returns to Sea: New Itinerary for the 2022-2023 Season

Costa Cruise, ever closer to a restart scheduled for May 1, 2021, revealed itinerary and news for the 2022-2023 season

Dispatch of their ships from 1 May 2021 Costa crucier Continues with its gradual recovery program, from April 2022 to April 2023, which are already available for booking in travel agencies from today and online from April 12 as well.

The Italian company is planning a number of new facilities, in addition to those traveling in recent years, have been very successful to attract new cruise passengers and surprise even the most experienced. In addition, the itinerary is designed to enrich the cruise experience, so that it can be predicted Stops in ports now Some of the most popular destinations, with new ones to offer Aas Which leads to the discovery of little known but exceptionally beautiful paths and places. In fact, in all the ports of the Mediterranean Sea, “the longest” excursions will be offered, with the possibility of traveling to places that are difficult to reach independently. The on-board experience, which will continue to benefit from the “Costa Safety Protocol”, will be enriched one after the other. Dining experience Further renewed with an offering of dishes associated with the sights and signed by Chef Bruno Barbieri.

Returning during the journey, during the summer season 2022 Mediterraneo I was born in Northern Europe Costa will be the great hero of the proposal.

Mark May 2022 New Chief’s debut in Mediterranean Tuscany Coast, Which will offer week-long trips to search Italy, France and Spain, With A long halt in ibiza. Twin Costa Smeralda will also offer week-long cruises in the western Mediterranean Sea. The Costa Smeralda and Costa Toscana are the first ships in the natural gas-powered Costa fleet, the most advanced technology in the maritime sector to reduce emissions. Costa Cruises in the Western Mediterranean Sea will also be able to rely on the Costa Pacific, fulfilling a proposal dedicated to the most beautiful locations in Italy, France and Spain.

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Three other ships will operate in the eastern Mediterranean Sea, with itineraries lasting a week. Will go on a quest for costa deliziosa The islands Greek, With a phase of A full day and night Mykonos. Costa luminosa will offer Greek Islands I Croatia, And will visit Costa Magica Greece and Malta.

in Northern Europe Four ships will be available. Costa Fortuna will offer two weeks of spectacular cruises Iceland, Or in Ireland, Scotland and England. Costa Favolosa and Costa Dedema will depart for one week of cruises respectively Baltic capitals, Since three days Stockholm More than two St. Peterburg, And in Norwegian Fjords. The schedule for Costa Fascinosa includes up to 12 days of programs North cape And in 9 days Baltic Sea.

2022-23 will see the return of winter season Great cruises, With Costa Luminosa: two magnificent 50 days offGoing from Genoa to Buenos Aires and from Buenos Aires to Genoa, to the Amazon River To the heart of amazon. Is also for those who love long journeys World tour Of Costa Deliziosa, departing Savona on 11 January 2023, which he will travel Europe, Asia, Africa and America.

Still on the subject of foreign destinations, a week-long itinerary will be proposed in the United Arab Emirates, Oman and Qatar, to enjoy summer even in winter, three different one-week itineraries in the Caribbean Islands. New proposals for South America will be announced soon.

To be closer to home, Costa will offer Magica’s cruises Two weeks in Canary Islands And in Azores Island, While in Costa Dedema Greece and Turkey, or Israel and Egypt. Costa will continue to sail in Smeralda Western Mediterranean SeaIn the autumn, also by Costa Luminosa and Costa Fortuna, which will offer Mini holidays For a few days rest. Also in the fall, Costa will visit Fasinosa Portugal and Spain, And on Costa Favolosa Morocco.

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