Covid: Scotland and Wales ease rules after Omicron peak – Europe

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In line with the British government’s decision in England, Scotland and Wales are also easing their anti-Covid restrictions after Omicron cases passed the peak. As announced by Edinburgh authorities, the rules for physical distance of two meters and the use of face masks in certain circumstances (such as for adults at events with children, for receptionists and for church services) include Relaxation has been given.
First Minister Nicola Sturgeon spoke of “improving the situation” which allowed us to proceed in this way. While nightclubs in Wales can reopen with social distancing rules that have been lifted and limits on socializing in pubs and restaurants, known as the “rule of six”, have also been lifted. How does the work from home indication end? But the obligation to use masks remains at shops, hospitals and public transport. It confirms a more cautious line than London’s chosen by Labor First Minister Mark Drakeford, according to which, however, there are “encouraging signs” coming from the numbers on the coronavirus.

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