Dazzan-Tim-Sky, agreement envisioned for Serie A on TV

Dazzan-Tim-Sky, agreement envisioned for Serie A on TV

Milan – rumors about a possible agreement between Dazan and Skye They are becoming more and more insistent on bringing OTT back into Comcast’s pay-TV bouquet. Rumors, anticipated by Milano Finanza, speak of a concept of agreement Structured similar to the three-year period 2018/21 with the Dazen app on Sky Q and a linear channel on Satellite. However, everything will depend on the outcome of Dazn and Tim . ongoing conversation between On the exclusive 340 million annual agreement.

Lega Serie A meeting

Stefano Azzi spoke on this topic in recent days, CEO Dazzan Italiaduring the first hearing Joint Commission on Culture and Transport of the Chamber, “With TIM we are talking advantageously with a argument And what’s a re-negotiationeconomic balance both sides. If any other balance is found, we are ready to evaluate other commercial activities with other partners., However, the theme will not be in the centerLega Serie A assembly Today in Milan through Rossellini is scheduled with everyone and 20 clubs are present, On the table, among other topics, notably national licenses, radio TV, NFT audiovisual “moments” guidelines, highlights and AV library purchases.

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