Denmark will provide financial assistance to countries most affected by climate change

Denmark will provide financial assistance to countries most affected by climate change

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During the United Nations General Assembly held in New York on Tuesday, Denmark announced that it will donate 13 million euros to the countries of the world that are most affected by climate change. The Minister for Development and Cooperation, Fleming Moller Mortensen, explained in a Press release The decision was inspired by a visit to parts of Bangladesh damaged by floods last spring.

“It is highly unfair that the world’s poorest countries should suffer more from the consequences of climate change than they have helped to create only minimally,” Mortensen said.

There has been talk for some time about creating a fund to support countries exposed to extreme climate events, which is primarily desired by activists and leaders of countries, although wealthy countries have so far made such commitments. Reluctance to make. Denmark is the first UN member state to come forward with a concrete economic proposal: previously only the local governments of Scotland and the Belgian region of Wallonia had done so.

This is a first step that will only partially help the most affected countries: natural disasters easily cause billions of euros in damage (it was important that rebuilding the devastation of the devastating floods in Pakistan would cost about 10 billion euros).

The Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs has stated that part of the aid, approximately 5.4 million euros, will be earmarked for establishing cooperation with local companies to manage losses and damages. Instead more money will be used to contribute to negotiations to achieve other goals, which will open at the next climate change conference in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt, in November.

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