Depais rums shine at the Whiskey Show in London

Depais rums shine at the Whiskey Show in London

The Whiskey Show, a spectacular show for whiskey lovers and a major event awaited by all spirit lovers, is taking place in London from Friday to this evening.

Under a sign of finesse, taste and high standards, Depaz Rums travels on this weekend’s occasion. Hence the brand’s AOC Martinique Agricultural Rum on display among the greatest Scotch and whiskey from around the world. A real opportunity for Depaz to show off its information. The Martinican brand is already present at this international fair in 2019, this edition marks the second participation of Depais Rums.

And the products especially appeal to English people looking for new discoveries. As Depais Rums ambassador Benot Bal-Danel stresses:

This is a great opportunity for Depaz to not only be in this type of show which is very qualitative. The response is very positive, as people are very surprised to see that we can make rum of such high quality, especially in England where people often encounter sweet or mild rum. There they encounter something new, but which they really appreciate because the AOC rules go in the same direction they have for their Scotch whisky.

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