Despite epidemics, UK excludes extension of infection period

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The British government on Monday reiterated its intention to leave the European Union on 31 December, effectively leaving an extension of the transition period. And this while many voices are calling for an adjournment to allow the authorities to fully focus on the coronovirus epidemic.

The appeals of the Scottish Prime Minister and the Mayor of London would not have been heard. Ten days before a definitive Brexit, the British government on Monday refused to ask the European Union for an extension of the transition period, which should end at midnight on 31 December.

“This remains our position”

On that date, trade between the United Kingdom and the European Union would be governed by a synonym with WTO rules, customs and quotas. Until London and Brussels cannot agree on a trade agreement. But talks have been slipping for months and are now hampered by a health crisis with the presence of a new strain of coronovirus which worries authorities across the channel. But also in Europe where many countries have decided to close their borders with the United Kingdom.

Despite everything, “our position on the transition period is clear. (…) (transition period) will end on 31 December, it remains our position”, said a British government spokesman, recent statements by Boris Johnson Straight line of, who has always refused to elaborate.

“We should ratify any agreement before January 1, which means that time is running out and that’s why our negotiators are working hard,” the spokesperson said.

A “mandatory” moratorium

Earlier today, Scottish Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon called for an extension of this transition period due to problems arising from the discovery of a new strain of coronovirus, Reuters reports.

It is now imperative that the Prime Minister wants an agreement to extend the Brexit transition period. The new Kovid stress – and its various implications – means that we are facing a serious critical situation and our 100% demands attention. To make it worse with Brexit would be unacceptable “, He said on twitter.

The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan also called the British Prime Minister:

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He added, “The government should officially request an extension of the Brexit transition period. There is a need for more than just the unreserved efforts of ministers to secure our major supply chains and fight against the coronovirus epidemic.” Announced.


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