DIY Christmas Tutorial for Making a Fabric Wall Tree

DIY Christmas Tutorial for Making a Fabric Wall Tree

christmas symbol par excellence, the Cedar From the first days of December invites itself into our interiors and decorated with festive decorations while waiting for New Year’s Eve. If it is traditionally a real tree that is set up in the middle of the living room during the Christmas period, this custom leaves more and more room for DIY options. And while false trees have the advantage of not losing their needles, they are often more economical because they can be reused from one year to the next, and for good reason. Finally, a . choose DIY Christmas Tree This is also to avoid cutting down a tree for decorations only for a few weeks.

DIY Christmas: How to Build a Wall Christmas Tree Yourself?

Even with cardboard, wooden logs, or branches, there are many possibilities for this. make a christmas tree Original. if possible make a tree In 3D, small spaces will love the tree of the wall. Without a base, this type of tree should ideally lean against a support, a piece of furniture, or a wall, but takes up much less space than a traditional tree.

Tutorial for Making a Fabric and Wood Christmas Tree

A few pieces of wood, moss and a little bit of tartan cloth are enough to make and prepare this wall tree for Christmas ! We have chosen the Scottish tartan to honor make this fabric tree, but you are free to choose a different fabric. Do you have an old sheet or a couple of curtains that you no longer use? This forgotten household linen, along with a little fabric dye, may have come to dress it up. DIY Trees For the year end celebrations. For decoration, just use a few pins to attach Christmas balls to this wall tree!

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Creation, conception, realization and photo Assisted by : Amelie de Girvalu, Crystal Axelmans

Published in issue 147


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