Ecological Forum in Milan, a call to attention for the international community

Ecological Forum in Milan, a call to attention for the international community

So Cospe joins the Voices of Climate Open platform to help create a path that creates the voices of those who want to create a different future for our planet.

[15 Ottobre 2021]

The Great March for Climate Justice on October 2, held as part of Pre-Cop 26 (September 30 – October 2), also saw cosplay among the protagonists along with several civil society associations.

YouthCop and PreCop, against a backdrop of initiatives promoted by a dozen unions, in the wake of climate issue talks to be held in late October and mid-November in Scotland at COP26 in Glasgow, between 28 September and 2 October, , social movements and Organization Collected in Climate Open Platform Indeed in Milan has organized the Ecological Forum: a week of initiatives, debates and discussions on the topic of climate and social justice New conversations in an effort to give a more careful and current form to request a more conscious revision of the 2015 Paris Agreement And which ended with a great and peaceful demonstration: “We intend to contribute to the creation of environmental and social justice by bringing about our practice of ecological and social transition, promoting agricultural science as a means of struggle and adaptation.” Our commitment to climate change, the voice of the people of Amazon and the countries in which we operate”, announces Eleonora Migno, Cospay’s Mobilization and Fundraising Area Manager.

Specially, statement for the future, a document which collects intentions and wishes but also proposes current problems and is laid on the table at the meeting in Scotland and of which Cospe is a signatory.

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Indeed, the document wanted to highlight how the climate crisis affects issues such as human rights, renewable natural resources, the world of work, energy and the economic transition, but also education and training. To avoid the increasingly dramatic crisis and its branches in listed areas, greater awareness of the consequences of the climate crisis on natural resources and, due to spillover effects, on the most vulnerable subjects who care for them, on workers. Substantial changes occur within society, among potential new migrants, and on opportunities in the world of work, resulting in needs and on workers.

Cospe therefore joins the Voices of Climate open forum to help create a path that can listen to the voices of those who want to deliver a different future for our planet. It is an invitation to rethink the transition processes triggered by the systemic crises that communities are experiencing. Changes should be multidimensional and include relationships with nature and with everyday life as well as with the political, socio-economic and international relations system. by Cospe. For


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