Euro 2020, Scots celebrate Italy’s victory: the flag flies in Glasgow

Euro 2020, Scots celebrate Italy's victory: the flag flies in Glasgow

The enemy of my enemy is my friend, as the old saying goes. And it is so natural that the Scots, especially those with an independence heart and still wounded by the elimination of the Europeans, celebrate together with the Italians for the historic victory at Wembley. “At least there are happy Britons,” says the Daily Mail, an uncompromising England spokesman for the sport Italy-England Ended 4-3 on penalties.

But the distant images of Edinburgh, Glasgow and the Highlands are unmistakable. You can see fans wearing blue shirts, which are festively decorated pubs with the Italian flag, over the Scottish national team.

and newspapers are like Nationalwho had already published a cover with Mancini in Braveheart Key, enthusiastically titled “It’s Coming Rome”, elevating himself in praise of Mancini “The Bruce”, who had indirectly saved Scottish honours.

Outside in Glasgow, you could only see fans in tricolor and blue shirts on the big screen. And there are Twitter users who have published images of Italy with the cities of Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen as a tribute.

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And there are those who toast with an aged and peaty whiskey, which incidentally is called “Grace” Italy, writing (with a typo) “Jack and Victor”. Almost a sporting twinning, and a few more. Redemption of wounded pride, and honor for a great achievement: defeating the British on their ground, at Wembley, after fans whistled the Mameli anthem.

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