Fight against climate warming: Unless the big polluters outdo their selfish…

Fight against climate warming: Unless the big polluters outdo their selfish...

Glasgow, the Scottish capital, hosts, 1. FromIs November 12, 2021, COP26, abbreviated ” Conference of the Parties’, 26th One of its kind, which is an annual global summit on climate change. Finding out possible solutions to combat climate change by adopting resolutions aimed at limiting the impact of human activity on the climate, including global warming, has become a global concern, with the aim of these periodic gatherings of almost all countries of the planet. This year, expectations are all the higher as the stakes practically involve the future of the planet. So much so that, for some observers, this Glasgow summit seems like a last chance, so the forecasts are alarming. In fact, the Paris conference in 2015 had already sounded the alarm by setting key objectives through the Paris Agreement to avert climate catastrophe as it was established that if global warming continues to exceed 1.5°C the planet So many changes have been made by the planet. will be irreversible.

time is really serious

But on the verge of the Glasgow summit, the United Nations Environment Program warns in its annual report that ” Not only do countries’ commitments made for 2030 lead the planet to global warming of 2.7°C by the end of the century, but, moreover, they are not respected “. That is to say whether the hour is really serious. As a result, it calls for a real collective awareness, especially at the level of state leaders, especially of the great powers who are also the biggest polluters and Those who seem to close their eyes when not motivated by other interests, to the point of giving the impression of minimizing the dangers of global warming. Otherwise, how can we understand that for an important conference like Glasgow, Russia’s Vladimir Putin and Leaders like China’s Xi Jinping who are so decision-makers that can help move the lines to change the situation, gleaned from their absence when their respective countries are primarily concerned with the issue? China is being projected as responsible for nearly a third of global greenhouse gas emissions, at a time when its plan to reduce emissions is still awaited by the United Nations.As for Russian President Vladimir Putin, he called for natural gas emissions in his country. Before showing greater commitment due to increase in disasters For a long time, human activity had played a role in climate change. How, under these conditions, not to welcome the announced presence of US President, Joe Biden, who not only announced that he wanted to double down on financial aid to help developing countries adapt to global warming, but want to do that too” of the United States, leader in public climate finance » ?

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Africa is the most miserable continent

A position at odds with that of his predecessor, Donald Trump, this climate-skeptic who did not hesitate to name his famous slogan ” America first » to withdraw his country from the Paris Agreement, because it is not « didn’t want anything that could get in the way” of its action to restore the economy of the world’s leading power. This means that unless the big polluters go beyond their self-interest to advance collective interests, the fight against climate change and global warming will continue to suffer from shortcomings that affect the implementation of various proposals. Anything that would contribute to further exposing the blue planet to the risks of climate disasters. In this game, unfortunately Africa is the continent that deserves the most pity because it is far from its policy instruments in terms of taking measures to mitigate the effects of climate change. Forced to endure and adapt, it sees its fate practically tied to international solidarity. In other words, because of its poverty, Africa is an exposed continent that is among the first to feel the effects of climate change, which, among other things, in the form of crop losses due to floods, droughts, heat waves are reflected. All the things that the continent is not armed enough to face, it is alone. So it makes sense that at this COP26 approach, more than 100 developing countries have prepared requests for funding to fight climate change and adapt, compensate for the impacts on them and green their economies. money to help create. Will they just listen? Here is the big question. Even more so as the previous commitments of major nations, most of which find themselves one of the biggest polluters on the planet in terms of support and other subsidies to the poorest nations, have yet to yield results. expected effect.

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