Football commentator is fired for reporting his trip to the toilet on live TV

Football commentator is fired for reporting his trip to the toilet on live TV

A Scottish commentator lost his job because he went to the bathroom at half-time and then told a little bit about it.

Hamilton (Scotland) – Too much information for him Football field! A Scottish commentator lost his job as he went to the bathroom at half-time and then gave little coverage.

Scottish premiership was recently not only about football, but also about a pile of commentators. (Symbol image) © ammentorp / 123rf

An uncontrollable incident occurred on Wednesday evening during a game between Hamilton Academic FC and Ross County FC from the Scotland Premier League.

The match ended with a 1: 2 loss to “Axies” (which is the club’s nickname from Hamilton), but the result was a minor thing that evening. Because the real excitement happened shortly after the second half – and it turned out to be truly disgusting.

The club had two commentators with the game on its own TV channel, Tom Hegarty and Bobby Bulloch. Shortly after half-time, however, initially only one of the two could be heard.

A few minutes late to Bowie Bulloch – for one very simple reason: they still had to go to the bathroom! This in itself is not a problem and no one should be very interested in the game of football, but Bullough himself made sure that it became a topic of conversation.

When he came back to the microphone, for example, he explained to everyone in the audience that he had to “jolly” during the break – this is the big business of toilet in the Scottish language.

After a very casual apology, the moderator said it was “just a little bullshit”, but he still had to “push a little”.

There are even videos of embarrassing conversations on Twitter, if you want to hear the whole thing again in the original.

In it you can also hear that Bobby Bulloch negotiator Tom Hegarty apparently found the subject very uncomfortable, as he immediately asked all listeners to listen to such expressions for forgiveness.

Meanwhile, Bobby must also be very sorry himself, as Hamilton Academic FC fired him right after the game!

On Twitter, the club wrote that Scott had crossed a line with his bad humor: “The club didn’t think it was funny and the person would not be reinstated.”

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