For decades travelers have been mesmerized by the landscape of the Cabot Trail

For decades travelers have been mesmerized by the landscape of the Cabot Trail

road to a protected area

Cape Breton in Nova Scotia is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful parts of Atlantic Canada.

Cabot Trail The Cabot Trail is named in honor of Venetian-born explorer John Cabot (Giovanni Cabotto), who sailed from England to Cape Breton in 1497.

Built in the 1930s, the Cabot Trail spans 300 km and circles northern Cape Breton. It crosses the Cape Breton Highlands National Park.

Green Week, 6 September 1987

6 September 1987 green week Presents a report on the forest wealth found in the Northern Cape Breton Islands.

In 1932, the federal government decided to protect a portion of the Acadian Forest by granting it park status.

Cape Breton Highlands Park has an average elevation of 350 meters. Journalist Robert Pichette and director Jean-Guy Landry tell us about the peculiarities of this forest.

As the forest has never been changed, we find very old hardwoods, mostly sugar maples over 300 years old, reaching 25 meters in height.

The vegetation is special, we have listed 20 species of ferns. Rare animal species are also found there, such as the gaspe shoe and rock vole.

Visitors have access to only part of this protected area.

islanders who have preserved their cultural traditions

Inaugurated in 1932, the Cabot Trail links all of Cape Breton’s Acadian communities.

After the 1755 deportation, several Acadian communities came to populate Cape Breton Island: Belle-Cte, Terre-Noire, Saint-Joseph-du-Moin, Grand–tang and Châtique.

Canada Games, February 15, 1987

On the occasion of the 1987 Canada Games, held in the Cape Breton area of ​​Nova Scotia, journalist Robert Gagnon reported on the community of Chetican Village.

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He talks to Acadian John Alex Boudreau who tells him about the history of the village and discusses some anecdotes.

The Châtiques are first and foremost a community whose economy depends on fishing. But with the opening of the Cabot Trail, tourists flock in large numbers each year to enjoy the flavors and local art.

While French is still spoken in Acadian communities in Cape Breton, it has become more difficult for Scottish communities to keep Scottish Gaelic.

Nevertheless, on Cape Breton Island it is common to see Gaelic inscriptions and hear traditional Scottish music.

excess In Cape Breton, these green hills overlooking the sea are often covered in light fog.

The landscape is reminiscent of Scotland. This is why inventor Graham Bell chose to settle there, as the place reminded him of his native country.

A beautiful route recognized around the world

Formerly a trail where only the intrepid ventured, the Cabot Trail today can be traveled by bike, motorcycle or car.

Telejournal Atlantic, July 15, 2005

On July 15, 2005, journalist Sylvain Bascaran. from telejournal atlantic Featured a feature on the charm and fame of the Cape Breton area.

For Mariev Thériault, spokesperson for Cape Breton Highlands National Park, the Sky Line Trail is one of the jewels of the park. It is accessible by car, but there is hiking.

Spectacular views are offered to passengers throughout the route.

Reporting Year, Famous Magazine National Geographic For its beauty, Cape Breton is second only to the Highlands Park in North America.

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