Found in Holland! / 600 km journey…

 Found in Holland!  / 600 km journey...

One ball kicked badly during a football match 600 km journey, When reality surpasses fiction, you may be wondering. And all those memes dedicated to the clumsy shots of football players will come to mind. Recently on the beach wellilandA soccer ball was found in one of the six Frisian islands, north of Amsterdam. Nothing sensational so far, but that ball was special because it read ‘Dundee Athletic“. The couple who found it thought of it as a joke, given that Dundee is located in Scotland and more than 600 kilometers to sea from Villeland. The North Sea, of course.

A mystery for the couple, but they managed to solve it thanks to the internet. they found that Dundee Athletic The Scottish town has an amateur team that plays in the championship called the “”.Chamber Practice Dundee Saturday Morning Football League”, as The Scottish Sun, a newspaper that has reconstructed the curious story, tells.

“Have you lost a ball in the case?”

What to do in these cases? Post the photo on social media and hope someone has some useful information. The couple did so, but they contacted the club directly: “Did you miss it somehow?“, they wrote. stick He responded to the search for the ball on the Facebook DPO: “Look at yourself, a new ball travels internationally and wins a new fan in the Netherlands,

how did it come Scotland In Netherlands, Two weeks ago, during a home game in the playing field riverside, the ball went out of bounds, was falling in tai river It is flowing right next to the small stadium. Thus the balloon began its journey, ending the present on the small Dutch island of a thousand inhabitants, where it was found. Now think about the story of that ball you kicked badly in the last soccer match…

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