GB: Fears of crisis don’t touch Johnson, + 10% in polls

Gaffe BoJo, 'Thatcher chiuse miniere di carbone? Benemerita' - Europa

(ANSA) – LONDON, October 14 – For now, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s ability to seek consent does not touch on fears of a crisis linked to the post-Covid and post-Brexit crisis in some areas of the UK. The economy and the ghost of a fictional new “winter of social discontent” developed by their opponents. At least according to the latest survey by the YouGov Institute, which puts Tory Parish’s gains over Keir Starmer’s Labor by +10%, if anything, after a congressional season of traditional annual conventions of British parties.

According to survey results released today, the Prime Minister’s Conservative Party – revived by Bozo’s Congress speech in the name of optimism – goes back to 41% (+2), the same level that guaranteed him the election in December 2019. was given. Latest policies win. While Labor, more divided than ever between moderates and the left after returning to the center imposed by Starmer, remains stagnant at 31%, even losing the 2019 elections under the old radical One mark less than the result obtained on the occasion. Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership. Not only The Tories are the only ones to lead the island’s party landscape according to YouGov: which indicates the Liberal Democrats stalled at 9%, the Greens down slightly from 9 to 8% despite the topicality of campaigns against climate change, and the SNP. The Scottish Separatists also fell (referring to the entire state as a national percentage) from 6 to 4%. (the handle).

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