Girls 118K, Taco Bell raised for girls pushing to use wifi

Girls 118K, Taco Bell raised for girls pushing to use wifi

– They may have lived near Silicon Valley, but the two children were forced to sit outside the support bell to log on to their school distance learning so they could use the restaurant’s free WiFi and now have raised more than 8 118,000 for them. . “Many of us don’t have to worry about having the right WiFi connection or a quiet place to work from home,” writes the guy who posted the image of the girls. Instagram. “Every preschool student through college should have free access to reliable WiFi, especially now.” It went viral, and a GoFundMe campaign Was configured. The school district later identified the girls and gave them Internet hotspots to say the posters were updated.

“This is California, the home of Silicon Valley … but where the digital divide is as deep as ever,” said pro-California Senate President Tempor. Tweeted. “Where 40% of all Latinos do not have internet access. This generation is better qualified.” “Juana is a single mom for three smart and outgoing little girls,” explains the organizer. “She is an essential worker who works in the fields picking her berries. She is a dedicated mother who works hard to provide for them. She sells flowers by the roadside after work. When the field work season is off. He sells ice cream, snacks and candy around Salinas. It doesn’t take a day, because it’s the day he can earn a few dollars to feed his girls. “When the campaign began, the family had to move out of the same room. . (Read more coronavirus stories.)

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