Google Annual Review: That’s What the Internet Is Looking For


The search engine Google treats the past year constructively and provides reviews for 2021. What is the Internet community looking for the most in the areas of culture, business, entertainment, sports and company? Don’t worry, the C topic plays a very subordinate role here. Google Annual Review 2021 Either scroll through from start to finish and go on a virtual journey through the pictures from January to December or click through the individual categories. In between, short quiz questions like “What sport is the world looking for the most in the last weeks of August?” Feather.

Sailor Song: Peace Goes Viral

People searched for sea shack in 2021 more than ever in the history of Google Trends. It may have something to do with Scotsman Nathan Evans. The former postman uploaded a video with the shack “The Wellerman” on TikTok in December 2020. Several users of the platform participated in the duet ceremony with the song and music and the song went viral. Evans received an offer for a record deal and re-recorded Peace, and the EDM remix version hit the charts in early 2021.

Mittens: Bernie Sanders with Knit Gloves

American politician Bernard “Bernie” Sanders has actually represented the state of Vermont in the US Senate since 2007. Meanwhile, the 80-year-old has also garnered some notoriety on the internet – thanks to a meme (internet joke in pictures). A photo of the inauguration of new US President Joe Biden in January 2021 serves as a template. Bernie Sanders was sitting there with his knit glove in the middle of the action. As a result, the term “mittens” is searched around the world more frequently than ever before.

Volcanoes: Eruptions in Hawaii and Spain

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After eruptions in Hawaii and Spain in September 2021, global searches on Google for “volcanoes” tripled from August to September 2021. The Kilauea Volcano erupted in the US state of Hawaii and the area around the national park is unpopulated. It looks different south of the Canary Islands of La Palma, which belongs to Spain. According to Daily News On December 13, 2021, the regional government, among other things, ordered a lockdown for three places. Experts believe that the volcano could remain active for months. The outbreak has paralyzed air traffic at times.

More salient features of the year under review

At the top of the search queries was a shipping canal in Egypt. We remember the blockade of the Suez Canal: on March 23, 2021 the container pot Ever Given was surrounded there, diverted and blocked the sea route until March 29, 2021. Quite unexpectedly, searches for “Spelling Bee winners” increased in July 2021. “Spelling contests” are especially popular in the United States. “Eurovision” – the European singing competition Eurovision Song Contest – was searched three times more often than the talent show “American Idol”. This year’s winning menskin from Italy shouldn’t be completely unaffected. The rock band from Rome shocked the audience and rocked the stage with their song “Zitti a Buoni”, which was not “cool and nice” at all. With that in mind: We wish you a very Happy New Year!


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