Here comes the circular city. National Geographic

Milano ha puntato molto sull’economia circolare come strategia di resilienza e di prosperità per i cittadini, ...

According to experts, the transition to circular mode based on reducing consumption, extending the life of products, sharing and reusing/recycling will encourage cities to rethink the way we produce and consume, opening up new business opportunities, inclusive will provide free opportunity. To create social spaces and spaces we stay healthy and safe.

Cities benefit in circular transition, they argue C40 City, a global network that unites the largest metropolises on the planet: people, producers, retailers and services being so close to each other can facilitate the creation of networks and flows of the circular economy. according to this position paper on circular city of Enel Group, for years now a major player on the circular economy internationally, it is the five pillars of the circular economy that determine the structure of this desirable urban revolution: sustainable inputs (renewable sources, reuse, recycling), expansion of useful assets and the life of products, sharing, products as a service, increasing the end of life of the goods (recycling, reusing, upcycling). Practically all the innovation and change needed for the city of tomorrow fall into these macro-categories: from mobility to energy networks, from the design of products and services to the food system, from the redesign of neighborhoods and buildings to the retail system. .

Then there is another fundamental element: the purchasing center of public administration. in english it is called green public procurementIn fact, it is the administration’s shopping list from stationery to buildings that can increasingly orient themselves on permanent and circular solutions. Do you need new furniture for school? Recycled materials are favored. Should the city hall fleet be replaced? Sharing systems and electric vehicles are used. And so on. Cities should lead by example. So let’s see who is leading this change.

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