Highlights of the Scotland-England 20-17 Six Nations match

Highlights of the Scotland-England 20-17 Six Nations match

The Six Nations face each other in the second match of the first day Scotland and England in murrayfield classic cross excellence Oval Ball, now in its 151st edition with the Calcutta Cup, organized by the hosts following the success of Twickenham – where it had not won since 1983 – the previous year.

The most awaited challenge is in the control room. On the one hand the creativity, inspiration and (sometimes) craziness of Finn Russell, on the other the rising star of English rugby, Marcus Smith, called for replacing injured captain Owen Farrell, who drops the grade to third in line with Tom Curry.

Harlequin’s opening is the first to move the score off the pitch, but it’s also not a time to rejoice that Townsend’s men react and find a goal with White, having recently entered.

Since then, including changes, it has been a challenge between the two players with Smith reducing the distance and Russell who restores his team with a score of +4 at the last minute. 10-6Even without much show due to heavy rain in Edinburgh.

Smith takes the chair: the overtaking has arrived

The recovery resumes with the weight of indiscipline on the overall economy of the match and Smith is the first player to re-mark from a favorable position.

Overtaking from a point is a moment, and a scrum dictates the 8-9 change of pace and attacking spirit between Simmonds and Youngs that distracts Scotland, giving Smith his first goal of the tournament Is.

We enter the final quarter with Smith leading Team XV by half a distance, before leaving the field in Ford’s favor in a whirlwind of changes involving many of the elements that led to the formation of Eddie Jones. Enhances, but not destined to give the desired effect.

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Cowan-Dickie’s innocence: England confused and Scotland ahead

the turning pointHowever, it comes In the 65th minute when on a wing kick from the Scottish side, English hooker Cowan-Dickie with incredible ingenuity projected Graham to the straight edge of the oval with a voluntary forward.

Moment of consultation and decision through TMO that puts the spirit of the game in favor of Yellow Card Thistle, ten minutes of numerical superiority in crucial moments, and above all free-kick goals for a draw 17-17: Everything has to be redone.

At 10′ an England is increasingly confused and passes the scrum in the blue and treats the free kick that Scotland initially seeks to exploit with another collision between the packets, but then the Townsend grandstand Likes to exploit towards the poles, following the signs of Millimeter placed for a counter-pass by Russell.

Thrilling final but Calcutta Cup remaining in Edinburgh

Scotland may have another chance to extend shortly, but TMO ruled out the possibility of a set-piece for a previous foul.

The front flips and the free kick comes up for England, who opts to make contact on the edge of the twenty-two instead of looking for the equalizer. On the next launch, Scotland “steals” the ball and places it meters away between the Albionics and their own goal line.

The third Scottish centre, Matt Fagerson, is awarded the Player of the Match, although there is one final, perpetual scrum to play.

The referee decides not to punish the home team, who eventually manages to recover the ball and serves to kick Hogg into the stands of a forceful Murfield.

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Flags with St. Andrew’s Cross in the wind congratulating the victory 20-17 and the Calcutta Cup which remains in Scotland.


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