Holidays in complete lockdown, Boris Johnson fines his wife and finance minister

Holidays in complete lockdown, Boris Johnson fines his wife and finance minister

LONDON – The Downing Street party scandal erupts again and the circle around the British Prime Minister tightens. Both Boris Johnson and his wife Carrie have been fined by police for breaking lockdown rules during the pandemic. The Chancellor of the Exchequer, Rishi Sunak, was also fined for attending an illegal party.

Opposition parties and associations of families of COVID victims have called for the Premier’s resignation, declaring it unacceptable that the Premier has violated laws that he himself imposed on the population. According to the leaders of Wales and Scotland, both Johnson and Sunak should step down because it has never happened in history that a premier or chancellor has violated the law. In the evening the premier announced that he had paid the fine, but reiterated that he had no intention of resigning.

Equally serious is the suspicion that the Premier lied in Parliament when, on 8 December, after the first revelations came to light, he assured deputies that he had not attended any parties and that Downing Street would never have a covid But no rules have been broken.

It later emerged from an investigation by official Sue Gray in December and January that the premier had attended at least three rallies, but according to Johnson only because he believed they were business meetings because Downing Street was his It is both an office and a residence. If it is proved that Johnson lied to Parliament, the rules require the prime minister to resign immediately.

Many of his supporters have declared that it is irresponsible to ask for a replacement of the Prime Minister in times of serious international crisis, who has excellent relations with the Ukrainian President and is determined to support Ukraine’s resistance against Russian aggression and commitment is shown. His resignation would be “a gift to Putin”, according to a conservative deputy.


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