Hospitals continue to seal themselves – Vorarlberger Nachrichten

Hospitals continue to seal themselves - Vorarlberger Nachrichten

feldkirch Possibilities give hope. They predict a decline in infections and, consequently, in hospital patients as well, although this will only be delayed. There are 148 COVID-19 patients still to be treated in general and intensive care units, most of whom have not been vaccinated. The situation in the intensive care sector is particularly tense. There are 29 Kovid patients. There are also 22 non-Covid patients. This leaves 17 intensive care beds for everyone without adding an extra bed. Nevertheless, and despite the high seven-day incidence, Vorarlberg opens liberally from Sunday, as has been reported.

However, as a precaution, hospitals are tightening access rules. They go into effect on Monday, December 13. Then the 3G rule and the requirement of FFP2 masks also apply to the scheduled patients from the age of twelve. On the other hand, emergency and acute patients, as well as those with essential accompaniments, get access unconditionally. Travel restrictions also remain in place.

The director of the Hospital Operations Company (KHBG), Gerald Fleiss, nonetheless sees the hospital system in solidarity with other sectors. “There is health, but so is youth, children, education, the economy and culture”, he describes the planned opening steps as a fine balance and sees the decision supported by a large segment of the workforce. “We are just happy that the children of our employees are allowed to go to school. If this was not the case, there would be failures, ”says Gerald Fleiss.

He also points out that during the pandemic one learned that it is possible to work well with forecasts, at least as far as variations in prevalence are concerned, and that “the probability of a decline in numbers is very high.” “, he is familiar to the experts. The hospital managers are in daily contact with the people of the country. Because of this also he considers the decision to open it as a balanced one. “We have the support that we can respond very quickly if the situation gets worse again.” Gerald Fleiss would like to pay more attention to protective measures like wearing the FFP2 mask, as it is extremely preventive, very outside, he refers to Portugal in this regard. vn-mm

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