How do you know where the fish sold on the shelves come from?

How do you know where the fish sold on the shelves come from?

Where do monkfish, sea bass, saint-pierre, sole, turbot … Pisces Sold on the shelves? In a Parisian fisherman, origins are sometimes indicated: Scottish salmon, French sea bass, or even shrimp from Madagascar. On the other hand, not all customers pay attention to the source. The labels do not necessarily refer to it, but fishermen give information to those seeking it.

To verify that the fish purchased is French, you only have to rely on the Pavilon France label, which guarantees its traceability. At Boulogne-sur-Mer (Pas-de-Calais), 13 tons of mackerel from the North Sea land at the port. VsEach box has a troller label. At the auction, the wholesaler, Farid Kamel, bought several cases for a supermarket that ordered French fish. He then affixes the label’s logo on it. We are 50% customers who request that the French Pavilion“, He explains.

For this, “Behind Our Attitudes” aired on the origins of the fish in the 13 hours of 27 May, we collected our information from professionals in fishing and distribution of fresh fish.

Fishermen, fishermen, barkers, fishermen and consumers were interviewed in situ or by telephone.

We were given additional information by the France Filière Pache Association, which created the Pavilon France logo.

A great deal of data is also available on their site, which is freely available.

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