How to Wear a Hot Plaid Skirt at 20 or 50 With These 3 Simple Fashion Combinations

How to Wear a Hot Plaid Skirt at 20 or 50 With These 3 Simple Fashion Combinations

Who knows why, when winter comes, the desire to dress in check becomes wild. Sweaters, skirts and trousers in typical Scottish style, filled with earthy checks.

It doesn’t matter if it’s cashmere, flannel or taffeta, the important thing is that the motif is traditional tartan. hilly terrain Scots.

The quintessential winter checkered garment is the skirt, warm and soft, that needs to be taken out of the wardrobe as the holidays approach. Here are some tips to wear it and match it for all ages.

From Men’s Wardrobe to Timeless Women’s Apparel

To stay warm yet stylish even in winters, we have seen that this soft woolen fabric is back in fashion to wear during the holidays. But the undisputed queen of comfort for every day and for all occasions is the tartan skirt.

A legacy of the traditional lehenga worn by men, it has been a favorite of women all over the world for decades. It is really fashionable at any age and starting from the men wardrobe it has become a timeless womens wear. It is finally back in autumn winter 2021-2022 collection and this year also we would not be able to do without it.

In the new collection we play on length, except for a moment the above-the-knee skirt, which is always an indispensable wear.

So let us see how to wear it on the basis of length and age to stay fashionable even on cold days.

How to Wear a Hot Plaid Skirt at 20 or 50 With These 3 Simple Fashion Combinations

Let’s start with the traditional short version, which is a must in spite of the cold weather. To be elegant and professional, it can be worn just above the knee with a similar patterned blazer over a blouse. Younger people, on the other hand, can dare to pair a very short collegiate-style skirt with a sweatshirt to give the outfit a sporty touch.

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On the catwalk it was seen long and wide, starting with an almost wheel midi. If you don’t mind the cold, pair it with a pullover or turtleneck or cropped sweater for a classic style. If you are short and petite, pay attention to midi length, as it can make your legs look smaller. Instead, wear these 5 essential things that slim the figure.

Let’s now move on to the maxi plaid skirt, which is perfect to pair with an XXL sweater or a wide and enveloping cape.

Here’s how to wear a hot plaid skirt at 20 or 50 with these 3 simple fashion combinations. Now we are ready to face winter and the holidays in style.


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