Hyundai unveils EV platform for its future vehicles

Hyundai unveils EV platform for its future vehicles

Especially EVS. EV on a platform intended for. Creating an ICE There are many benefits to trying to wear a battery pack and some electric motors in a vehicle built for. For example, the designer has a lot more leeway about how both the interior space and the vehicle are placed. And since they are not trying to develop a new type of vehicle from the old version, they can optimize the range of specific driving conditions that vehicle performance, safety measures and EVs offer.

Hyundai Motor Group

Company executives also took great care to emphasize the modular and standard nature of the e-GMP platform that would help reduce the complexity of building these vehicles, but also allow companies to build a wide variety of types – from capable coupons to capable ones. More sedate sedans, wagons, SUVs and SUVs from zero to 100 kph in less than 3.5 seconds.

Due to its low battery pack to improve the center of gravity – and the e-GMP itself is another EV. Laid just like the platform, and in turn, congratulations – also with new and innovative features. This includes “the world’s first mass-produced integrated drive axle (IDA), which attaches wheel bearings to the drive shaft to transmit power to the wheels,” the press release said on Tuesday.


Hyundai Motor Group

Additionally, thanks to the E-GMP’s improved heat management system, its steel-reinforced battery pack is able to squeeze an additional 10 percent energy density compared to existing EVs. It improves both performance and range while freeing up a little more leg room in the passenger compartment. Perhaps the most impressive are the e-GMP’s drive motors. They’re usually shorter than operating in other EVs, but they spin 70 percent faster than their larger counterparts, while giving you the same level of performance while saving space and weight. Oddly, e-GMP-based vehicles will not have a front wheel drive option – they will have a RWD by default and a 4WD optional with the addition of a second motor to the front axle.

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The charging system of e-GMP is also very impressive. EV’s current pay generation is usually built on a 400V electrical system, enabling them to charge at a rate of 50 kW to 150 kW. But next Lucid Air, This GM E.V. Hummer, And some other luxury EV brands have already adopted the 800V architecture that enables level 3 DC fast chargers to literally deliver up to 350kW of charged battery. E-GMP is doing just that, offering an 800V architecture that can come down to 400V, if the charging situation requires it, and without the need for any additional adapters. These will be the first vehicles capable of charging either 400V or 800V. HMG expects the vehicle built on the e-GMP platform to have a range of 500 kilometers, which can charge 80 percent in just 18 minutes and add up to a driving range of up to 100 km in just five minutes. Hyundai has already partnered with Ionite, an EV charging network for service in Korea and Europe, and is currently in the U.S. Negotiations are also underway with the charging network.


Hyundai Motor Group

These vehicles will be able to offer a bilateral charging offer, meaning that during peak usage hours and blackouts they can pull power from the grid to recharge from batteries or pull power from their batteries. It can also power another EV (similar to a siphoning gas) or serve as a mobile power source on your next glaming trip. In fact, the companies believe that such a vehicle can produce 3.5.k kW of power and run a medium-sized air conditioner unit and a -55-inch television for 24 hours.

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HMG The first e-GMP-derived vehicles are planned to roll out next year with the release of Ionic. Stay in touch with Engjet for more details about pricing and availability in the coming months.


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