Il Vescovado – MSC Virtuosa inaugurates UK cruises. On board in the style of Amalfi Coast

  Il Vescovado - MSC Virtuosa inaugurates UK cruises.  On board in the style of Amalfi Coast

Head of the group MSc Cruises, ship Virtuous, Arrived at Southampton last 12 May and are set to welcome guests on the occasion of the restoration of cruises in the United Kingdom. First visit yesterday, May 20, 2021, circling the British Isles.

MSc Cruises It is the first cruise line to resume operations in the UK, initially offering three and four night mini cruises until 5 June, when the classic seven night itinerary will be available again. The week-long cruises include stops in Portland, Belfast, Northern Ireland, Liverpool and Homeport in Greenock, Glasgow, Scotland as well as Southampton, where MSC Cruises has recently entered into a long-term partnership.

Virtuous msc This is the third ship of the company to resume navigation later. MSc Beach Ed MSc Grandiosa, Both operating in the Mediterranean, the first game last week and the second essentially never halted, having been active since the post-lockdown resumed in August 2020.

As the MSC Grandiosa, the interiors of the MSC Virtuosa reveal Italian elegance and style, also thanks to the design proposed by the company Contract AR DA, Located in Māori, on the Amalfi Coast, specializing in the design and supply of furnishings for hotels, luxury villas and ships.

Also on the interior of the cabins, comfortable seat furnishings in restaurants, bars, public areas and offices were built using the Made in Italy products and the contract Ar.Da construction using labor of absolute excellence.

The tonnage of the Msc Virtuosa, launched in November 2019, is 180 thousand tonnes, with a length of 330 meters and can accommodate 6,334 passengers, plus 1,704 crew, although noting that guests will not be more than half.

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