In a hundred to plunge into the past, from fencing to archery – Chronicle

In a hundred to plunge into the past, from fencing to archery - Chronicle

San Giovanni challenges the European historical fencing elite. For the first time today and tomorrow Ferrara will be the capital of duels of the past: to compete, a competition called the ‘Round Table’ will feature teams and a hundred athletes – divided into two categories, ‘men’ and ‘female’ – from all over Italy, with Same from Switzerland, Scotland and England. “We are proud that the district organizes moments different from the classic ones associated with the race in the ring of Piazza Ariostea – explains Nicola Borsetti, president of the Palio organization – and we are aware that this involves both financially and economically. Contains a great effort of. Logically”. Going into the details of the incident, this morning the former Baluardo de San Rocco (in Sotomura, via Caldirolo, so to speak) will face off in a one-on-one duet, about forty fighters belonging to all specialties. In the afternoon, starting at 4 p.m., a tournament dedicated to archers will begin, with about eighty participants attempting to showcase their skills in a course made up of a dozen targets. This opportunity is attractive for curious and passionate people. Actually admission to this event is free. “In the same way – San Giovanni President Luca Battaglia insisted – we will guarantee maximum security”. Therefore, tomorrow will be the turn of the historic team fencing competition. Six different teams will compete for the title, for a total of approximately forty athletes. “This is a project that has always been in our contradioli’s dreams, but which for various reasons we have never been able to complete – Bataglia continues – to this day”. In addition to strikes with long swords, swords and shields, etc., food and music in red and blue will also be heroes during the weekend. A dinner will be organized at the district headquarters this evening, followed by a concert with free admission (seat reservation recommended). The Cisalpipers will go up on stage through the band Del Mello, performing folk tunes of Celtic origins.

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Matteo Langone


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