In Glasgow, twelve countries and territories, including France, pledged to phase out gas and oil

In Glasgow, twelve countries and territories, including France, pledged to phase out gas and oil

Boga Cum Beyond Oil and Gas Alliance… that is the acronym for the latest coalition of countries at COP26 in Glasgow, which has certainly seen a lot since its opening on 31 October. It is supported by Costa Rica and Denmark and brings together twelve countries and regions, committed to gradually eliminating gas and oil. In addition to the two founding countries, France, Greenland, Ireland, Quebec, Sweden, Wales are full members as well as two other allies: California and New Zealand.

This alliance, which Denmark and Costa Rica had already announced The last United Nations General Assembly, at the end of last Septemberr echoes this other coalition, in the first week of nineteen states and four public actors, to halt funding of fossil energy projects abroad by 2023. At least not if these implement carbon capture and storage technologies.

No exact date… “But a first step”

So the Boga Alliance moves forward, as signatory countries act to set an end date for their oil and gas exploration and extraction activities, two fossil fuels that have so far been little discussed in the COP, which are primarily coal. which has the heaviest carbon footprint ever. “If we are to face the climate crisis, we need to plan for a controlled but decisive shutdown of oil and gas production,” recalls Costa Rica’s Minister of Environment and Energy, Andrea Meza.

However, this boga alliance has not set a specific date for this exhaust of gas and oil. These twelve members do not even include the world’s largest producers of gas and oil, even though Denmark is one of the largest hydrocarbon producers in Europe. “Boga is the first such alliance, an important first step”, defends Danish Energy Minister Dan Jorgensen. Thus Boga participates in building a consensus on the need to move away from fossil fuels, like the first week’s announcements on fossil fuels. “New countries may join the alliance in the coming days,” says Dan Jorgensen. We have close discussions with Scotland in particular. ” To be continued.

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