Inaz, People’s Company for the People

Inaz, impresa di persone per le persone

Linda Gilly, Knight of Labor, President and CEO of Inazoo

From first task organization tools to management software. Inaz’s Innovation in HR, the Hero of Vera Negri Zamagni’s Book

IBe a “people for the people” company in the context of a sustainable economy. This is the formula that enabled inazu To affirm itself as the longest running Italian company in IT applied to human resources. Founded in 1948 by Valerio Gilli, today it is the protagonist of the volume “Inaz. Corporate Innovation – People’s Company for the People”“. written by Vera Negri Zamagni, economics historian and university professor, the book, is published in the series “Story d’Impress” mill, traces the company’s history to being able to innovate the personnel offices of Italian companies due to continuous innovations. Precisely these innovations (from earlier tools and technologies to organize work logically, like payroll, to software for personnel management, to apps to support smart working, communication, data analysis and much more) today shape the work. Volume “Title” was presented at the conferencePeople’s business for the people in a sustainable economy”,

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In the global economic context, a new development model is said to respond to the urgent need, putting people at the center of corporate culture is essential.

“Being a people’s business for the people means that, in the pursuit of economic results, the people are not the means but the end” – he explains Linda Gilly, Knight of Labor, President and CEO of Inazoo, the second generation exponent at the helm of the company. “People – continues Gilli – qualified and sustainably trained who share the idea of ​​the company as a common good for the achievement of the social good”. Marco VitaleEconomist and business consultant, described the paradigm of the civil economy, the good models on which companies of excellence are based, often family-run SMEs, that form the vital fabric of our economy. «Growing businesses – explains Vitale – is a mission. We need to keep our backs straight, take a step back to allow the younger generation to emerge, and be clear that company is a common good that should be respected by all. Only in this way is it possible to manage changes and the most delicate fragments ».

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To Vera Negri ZamagniInaz Fourth is a unique case of a service company in the context of capitalism, which has valued a distinct business culture. “Today, the Taylorist model of work organization is out of date” – explains The Economist stefano zamagni, « The digital revolution requires people to field creativity, emotional intelligence and self-expression. New organizational models and new leadership are needed. It is precisely medium-sized enterprises, due to their size and conditions, that feel these innovations first and foremost ». Young entrepreneurs are increasingly being called upon to turn the clear distinction between profit and sustainability into an inseparable pair.

According to Ludovica Busnach, Inaj’s COO and Cofounder of TimeswapSustainability is a factor of competition in various sectors. Sustainability also means involving local communities in regional development initiatives, such as wind farm projects in Scotland and agrivoltaics in Sicily, illustrated by Irene Falck of Falk Renewables, To massimiliano marciajo, Vice President Sabelt, Made in Italy excellence in the automotive sector, sustainability should be the starting point for the design of new products and the concept of green production processes.

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