International Day of Families Journal of Quebec

  International Day of Families  Journal of Quebec

In 1993, the United Nations General Assembly declared May 15 as International Family Day each year to raise awareness about family issues and the social, economic and demographic issues affecting them. The International Day of the Family is an opportunity to promote understanding of the problems facing families, basic units of society, and encourage appropriate initiatives. The Network for Quebec Families is a non-profit organization that brings together national organizations related to the status of Quebec families and comes from the following areas: community, municipal, education, health and social services, associations.

105 spring

Isidore Puliet (Pictured) was born on May 15, 1916 in Frampton. Second in a family of 8 children, he married Marie-Bertha Lacourse in 1943 (died in May 2014). Their two children, Yves and linda (Photo), still caring for his father, is well established in a retirement home for 8 years, where he loves to dance, sing and tell jokes. This surprises him in many ways, including its adaptability in this period of imprisonment. Mr. Pouliot, who is celebrating his 105th birthday today, was a construction contractor (Isidor Pouliot NR) for 21 years until his retirement in 1975. He still remembers his employees and subcontractors who have helped him during his working life. The secret of its longevity: Discipline.

More than a few steps

For the third time since the onset of the epidemic, Rosary Roy (Photo), FADOQ Quebec and Chaudier – the president of Appalache once again felt the need to raise his pen to write a few words to remind many of his members that despite mass vaccinations, there are still some steps to take And that we should not let our guards be discouraged and be cautious. Mr. Roy also thanks all the seniors that he led the fight so that he will soon be able to find friends, families and grandchildren. He ended his letter by specifying that we should keep in mind the lessons learned from this tragic period of life. “Our planet is fragile, we must do everything possible to keep it healthy, especially for our children and grandchildren,” Mr. Roy concluded.

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in the memory of

15 May 1991 at 8:30 AM. Yves laforest (Photo) Becomes the first Quebecker to climb Everest. He is part of a group of eight all-American climbers except Laforest. He remains on top in the world for 45 minutes. Yves Laforest will be killed during an expedition to British Columbia in August 2003.


Caroline Dhavernas (Photo), Quebec actress and actress, 43 years … Jordan Eberle, NY Islanders center player (NHL) 31 years … Andy Murray, Scottish tennis player, 34 years … Josh Beckett, former American baseball player, pitcher (Dodgers), 41 years … George Brett, former American baseball player who played 21 seasons, primarily as the third baseman for the Kansas City Royals (MLB) … Paul Begins, Member of Parliament for Louis – Hebert (1994–2003), 78 years old.


May 15, 2020: Fred willard (Photo), 86, American actor, comedian and writer. He was known for his roles in cinema and television series … 2015: Claude G. Lajoie, 87, Liberal MP for the Trois-Rivieres in the House of Commons from 1971 to 1984 … 2015: Pierret Lemieux, 78 years old mother of Pittsburgh Penguins current owner Mario Lemieux … 2014: Robert Burns 77-year-old, lawyer , Former PQ minister (1970–1979) and judge of the Quebec court in Maisonneuve, was assigned to the Labor Court of 1980 in 2001. .. 2013: Robert Roussill, 87, Quebec Sculptor … 2008: Claude Theberge, 73, Quebec painter graduated from the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Quebec … 2007: Pierre Lager, 63, Pierrot le Fu, poet and Says cultural animator … 2005: Alan B. Gould, 88, former Chief Justice of the Superior Court … 1998: Jean Hamelin, 66, historian … 1969: Joe Malone, age 79, Quebec Bulldogs and Montreal Canadiens hockey player (1910–1923).

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