“Ironic Reference to the Republican Party in an Identity Crisis”

(Adnkronos) – “It is ironic to refer to the Republican Party at this time as there is an identity crisis that can in some way be translated into the divisions we see in Italy”. With this joke, American political analyst author Andrew Spanos of the book “Post-Global America. Trump, the Coronavirus and the Future” with Adancronos on Matteo Salvini’s proposal to federate the Italian center-right on the model of the Grand Old Party commented. ,

“Republicans are going through a positive political season in any case, they will do well in the elections, but the party has two tendencies – explains Spanaus, who is a professor at Esri “High School of Economics and International Relations.” Catholics of Milan University – Una Traditional Reagan trend which is economically conservative and also favors a more aggressive foreign policy; then there is a more populist part which promotes an industrial policy, hence more public intervention in the economy and lot of military intervention is critical”.

“The Republican Party is the result of a majority bipolar system which I see difficult for a political culture even in Italy which has many identities and many currents that may be allies but I see it more difficult in Italy” he says. Underlining that we are “a system with many subjects with identities that are difficult to put together either because of the electoral system or the various electoral systems”. “It seems to me that it is far more difficult to make a clear division between one side and the other – he says – rather I see the temptation of political restructuring on the style of the big center at the moment”.

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Reiterating that the two-party system has been serving “significant problems” in recent years even in the United States, Spanos points out if we are to translate the two trends currently in GoP into the reality of the Italian right. “We see that Giorgia Meloni is certainly consistent in its still more critical position towards aspects of the European Union, globalization, while Salvini’s dilemma is how to stay within the government arc”.

“Salvini has a dilemma of how to approach the government and there are two possibilities. He – continues Spanos – tries to be in the middle, I think, risk being cut off because of animosity with Meloni. And a great center where he will have a small role. He wants to create a theme that is neither one nor the other – he concludes – and I don’t believe it can work”.


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