Italian craft beer is making more and more space. And in the meantime a new competition is born to choose the “Christmas Bear”.

  Italian craft beer is making more and more space.  And in the meantime a new competition is born to choose the

Increasing the quality of craft beer, which appears to be the de facto basis of national production. And with this in mind, a competition has also emerged to find out which one is the best. Unionebirrai presents its first Christmas edition: Beer of the Year Christmas Bears 2021.
The competition is aimed at all breweries that produce Christmas beer, with a clear and unambiguous reference to Christmas in the beer’s name, graphics and description, it seeks to reward the best Christmas beer produced by Italian breweries and which is now Is in Italy also wants to celebrate him. A custom expected and liked by many consumers. Christmas beers represent a centuries-old tradition that has historically existed in northern Europe, from Belgium to Germany, from England to Scotland, but for some time, in fact, Italian brewers have been using what is known as “Christmas”. family of beers”. ,
These are beers produced specifically for the Christmas holiday, which, due to their diverse origins, cannot be traced back to the same beer style, but, despite having different inspirations, all have a common characteristic. The characteristically high alcohol content, the addition of spices or in any case clear spicy hints, a body that is anything but slim, a wide range in color and a tendency to many gastronomic combinations, of which traditional sweets have no shortage. The last feature is their packaging: interesting, original and dedicated to the holidays.
The decision to start a contest dedicated to Christmas beer has been explained by UnionBrie general secretary Simone Monetti: “While they are not beers that can be qualified according to a precise beer style, the Christmas beer tradition has grown rapidly in recent years. Also in our country and, thanks to the way our breweries offer them, with clear references on labels and in year-end communications, they are instantly recognizable by the consumer. Dedicated to Christmas beer What better way to promote Italian craft beer than in a contest and in winter, with traditional dishes and desserts from their potential?”
Registration for the Beer of the Year Christmas Bears 2021 closes on Monday 29 November and the winning beer will be awarded on Friday 3 December 2021 at the CIA-Agricoltori Italian Headquarters in Rome. All information is available on the website www.birradelanno. This.

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