Italy recognizes Argentina’s support for negotiations with the IMF on foreign debt

Italy recognizes Argentina's support for negotiations with the IMF on foreign debt

Santiago Cabrio and Luigi de Mayo

Economy Minister Martin Guzm wants to add international support to Santiago Coffero in Italy while negotiating a deal with the International Monetary Fund on foreign debt in the United States. This Monday the foreign affairs and trade ministers of the G20’s developing countries met in Sorrento, in the south of the Italian peninsula. Coffierro met with his Italian counterpart Luigi di Mayo and obtained the support of Italy to achieve this.

A day before the G20 trade and investment ministers meeting, Cofiro held a bilateral meeting in which he sought and received Italian support for Argentina’s talks with the IMF to reduce financial costs. Italy accepted Argentina’s demand and highlighted the country’s role in the economic and social development of South America. Trust us in the credit debate“, According to the spokesman for the Argentine Foreign Ministry, it was approved by the Italian Foreign Minister.

Cofiero, who accompanied the Argentine ambassador to Italy, Roberto Carlo, Secretary for International Economic Relations, Ministry of External Affairs Cecilia Todesca Poco and the head of the advisory cabinet division of that ministry, Louisiana Tito, he addressed other economic issues with de Mayo. He talked about Italian investments in Argentina – 250 companies of Italian origin employ more than 50,000 people – and he also studied the growth of unicorns and SMEs linked to the knowledge economy. They decided to intensify the channels and fuel the growing trade between the two countries, working with the knowledge economy and the larger public interest in both Electromile and Lithium.

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In August, with the launch of the Sacom 1B satellite, we successfully completed the planned phase of the joint Italian-Argentina space program. We are very excited because with Italy we can develop the means to export knowledge and skills to Argentina.The former CEO said that both countries describe the evolution of the betting geography. Italy and Argentina Italo Argentino Light Emergency Management Satellite System (SIASGE) SAOCOM 1A and 1B defense satellites and Italian space agency Cosmo-Skymet Four satellites of the Italian Space Agency (ASI).

After that meeting, De Mayo invited Cafiro to dinner at the Grand Hotel Ambassador, which was attended by various delegates. This Tuesday at the Grand Hotel Riviera in our country from 9.30 (Italian time, 14.30), GFiro will host the G20 Ministerial Meeting, with Argentina as a delegate, with 3 participants throughout the trip.

Argentine foreign minister attends G20 trade and investment ministers meeting

With regard to the IMF loan, Argentina underscores its efforts to strengthen a new international financial framework that will allow the most vulnerable countries to survive the coronavirus outbreak. Credit transfer for investment in environmental activities.

In another preparatory meeting for the G20 summit from 30 to 31 October, the President of the Chamber of Deputies, Sergio Massa, met last week. “For countries such as Argentina, which are ecologically balanced but economically indebted, multilateral organizations and this forum must take into account the structures that finance packages designed based on this new reality.”, I feel.

For his part, the chancellor insistedArgentina’s government is comprehensive, it promotes diversity and the participation of all voices“It recognizes Argentina’s commitment to multilateral and global cooperation”. “Meeting with 76 diplomats in Buenos Aires.

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Another topic that Coffero will add to his agenda is climate change. Between 1 and 2 November, the summit, called COP26, will be held in Glasgow, Scotland. This is one of the main concerns expressed by President Alberto Fernandes attending every bilateral or international meeting.

At the pre-conference on Saturday in Rome, Friend de Todos vice president Daniela Villar said: “The climate crisis is inequality, exploitation and the concentration of wealth. This is why change in the countries of the southern world must be just and sovereign.”



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