Jubilee 2025 in Rome, Commissioner Gualtieri. Tomorrow’s Premiere Tour

  Jubilee 2025 in Rome, Commissioner Gualtieri.  Tomorrow's Premiere Tour

Timings – three years and a few months – are tight to say the least. On the other hand, the projects are very ambitious, such as the construction of approximately fifty new kilometers of tracks and tramways per meter in the city. Not to mention that we are talking about an event that should lead to Roma 45 million loyalists. For all this, for the difficulties to come, Premier mario dragio to appoint a commissioner for 2025 anniversary Mayor Roberto Gualtieri, A little on the model of what happened to then-mayor Francesco Rutelli in 1997.

In advance

This topic was touched upon only yesterday morning in the meeting between Draghi and Gualtieri at Palazzo Chigi. The latter was accompanied by deputy mayor Sylvia Scosze and head of cabinet Albino Ruberti. The premier – “also in the guise of a Roman citizen” – is interested in learning about the progress of the projects the new administration has undertaken to relaunch Rome, including in the perspective of the Holy Year. With this in mind, again yesterday, he asked to better define the candidacy project for Expo 2030, drawn up by former First Citizen Virginia Raggi, which was launched in December at the headquarters of the Bureau International des Expositions in Paris. will be featured in.

The mayor on his part has made it clear that more resources are needed from the executive. Even though for now he is satisfied with the 2 billion that the government has already allocated directly and indirectly for the jubilee: 1.450 billion euros in maneuver for functions and another half a billion euros, in various forms, for reception activities , Primarily intended for Transport and Tourism Chapter. But for months the governance for managing the machine of the Holy Years has been discussed within the executive.

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At present there is a control room where, in addition to the Premier and Mayor of Rome, there are competent ministers (economy, foreign affairs, interior, infrastructure and cultural heritage), majority and opposition parliamentarians and the governor of Lazio. This table will soon be extended to representatives of the Holy See, however, to provide guidelines, establish the amount of funding and evaluate submitted projects. But then we need operational arms. For example, a commissioner, even with powers of contempt from the rules applicable to tenders, can expedite the opening of construction sites, report costs and monitor implementation bodies while minimizing bureaucracy. can select.

And, according to the first draft to be circulated in political buildings, these should be Gualtieri’s guaranteed skills as extraordinary commissioners. who, as given to Rutelli, would be able to appoint one or two more Deputy Commissioners of Operations. For example, in 1997 Guido Bertolaso ​​was appointed to the position, who promised to cover the same position in the event of a centre-right victory at the Capitol. Compared to the Rutelli era, at present, the establishment of an agency for jubilee is losing ground, in view of the holy year of 2000, led by Luigi Zanda, now a senator of the Democratic Party. That is, a structure more focused on evangelical and welcoming activities within the holy year.


After yesterday’s summit, Draghi and Gualtieri above all wanted to send a message to the outside world: even in managing major events, there was coldness and little cooperation between former mayor Virginia Raggi and all of the council chairmen. Marked Ties Years at Palazzo Chigi (from Matteo Renzi to Giuseppe Conte Grillino). «It was – underlined the current mayor – a very positive meeting: we faced all the main issues related to the future and the relaunch of Rome, starting with Pnrr. We discussed infrastructure, mobility and the big challenges of Jubilee and Expo. We have received great attention and a great desire from President Draghi to support the relaunch of Rome. This is the beginning of a very positive collaboration.

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Cooperation that will continue in the coming times between Draghi and Gualtieri or between the leaders of the municipality and the Palazzo Chigi structure, which should help the municipalities write the projects of the PNR. In this regard, the mayor – who should have first contact at the Vatican this week – may have asked for more “reserves” of funds within the recovery for the capital and snubbed a promise to quash the many bureaucratic hurdles that have been slowing the plan. To be part of the functions mayors.

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