Kauai Mayor Derek Kawakami urged the state to withdraw from the arrival anticipation testing program, citing the growing number of COVID cases.

Cain Mayor Derek Kawakami has been asked to withdraw from Hawaii’s pre-arrival testing program after dozens of newcomers. COVID-19 The case reached the island.

Kwakami today sent a request to Government David Egg for approval of Emergency Rule No. 23, which would temporarily halt Kaui’s participation in the state’s pre-testing program for safe travel.

If the IJ approves the rule, by December 1, all incoming passengers – Trans-Pacific and Intersealand—, are required to be quarantined for a full 14 days, regardless of the test.

“We are facing the dreaded COVID-19 number on our island as well as across the country,” Kawakami said in a statement. “It’s not just a tourist problem. About half of our recent travel cases are from Kauai residents who have returned home. We know that a single, pre-travel test did not stop the virus from reaching our island and We are saddened to report our first visit to the island Death. We must take steps to prevent further spread of the disease here. “

Last week, U.S. And against the background of an already growing case in Kauai, Kawakami asked Egan to consider two new county emergency rules for which travel entry requirements would be tightened. Kai ai.

When asked by Kawakami to approve Emergency Rule No. 21, he said international and trans-Pacific participants in the Safe Travel Pre-Arrival Testing Program need to be quarantined for 72 hours, and then hold a position. Arrival test. They will remain in quarantine until a negative test result is obtained.

EJ, who did not approve Kwakami’s similar request in September, is unlikely to approve Kwakami’s recent test-related rule change.

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IJ is also unlikely to approve Kwakami’s Emergency Rule No. 22, which would have allowed all passengers to upload their negative test results to the Safe Travel Program before they could be counted. If test results are not available upon arrival, a 14-day quarantine is required.

District Health Officer of October Dr. “Since the launch of the same travel pre-trial program on October 15, we have confirmed 58 new cases and our first on-island death,” said Janet Bereman. “There were other passengers in these cases – 27 visitors and 21 residents.”

Kawakami added that a temporary exit from the Safe Travels program would allow the island to remain in the county’s Tier 4 – at least restricted level – for as long as possible.

“Exiting the Safe Travels program will be independent of our tire system, which means we can stay in Tier 4 longer,” said Mayor Kawakami. “There is no logical reason for us to move the tires while allowing more passengers. We should not penalize our locals by banning activities like youth sports, when they are not a current source of infection. ”

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