Kovid started in England, “Independence Day”: no restrictions from today

Kovid started in England,

(TELEBORSA) – Despite the new wave that has seen more than 50 thousand new infections a day in England for two consecutive days, the country is celebrating ‘Independence day’. Government starting from midnight boris johnson Said goodbye to restrictions related to the Kovid-19 pandemic.

Starting today, auditoriums and stadiums can reopen at full capacity, discos can return to welcome the public, you can go back to work in the office and bar service has been authorized again in pubs, with people There is no limit to the number of. . Along with this, the compulsion of masks on the means of transport and shops was also abolished. a Decision not shared by Scotland and Wales Those who will maintain the compulsion to wear masks in public places indoors and in transport.

In the country, currently most affected by the number of cases in Europe, newfound independence was inaugurated, while Health Minister Sajid Javid tests positive And this Premier Johnson And this Economy Minister, Rishi Sunki I am in isolation.

“It’s a step forward, an important step, there’s no right time to do it. It’s a good time like any other – he said.
Nadim Zahavi, British Under Secretary for Vaccines, Defends lifting of anti-Covid restrictions in England from expert criticism. I believe we are doing the right thing “he urged to keep masks in crowded places” and act with “responsibility”.

“We should not act like Johnson, who said July 19th ‘Independence Day’ in an improvised way, but ensure that the special circumstances of the gathering are taken care of and like sunglasses by using it when needed Bring a mask with you – commented Virologist Fabrizio Pregliasco of the University of Milan and member of the CTS of Lombardy -. We knew this virus would be with us for some time, but I didn’t think it would start again so quickly to set such a high rate of infection. Unfortunately, variants are on the agenda for this type of virus and the delta variant has the characteristics of a higher viral load and greater ease of infecting the youngest people, resulting in a wider spread. The positive element that I see in Italy, as well as in England and Israel, who vaccinated before us, we see only a small number of severe cases because of the increase in infections because the vaccine almost completely protects against the onset of serious disease. This will allow us a more civilized coexistence with the virus, even though we must remain prudent and not be overly open-minded, we need common senseā€.

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