“Let’s invite two great Scottish clubs from Glasgow to Late 1”

The Tribune. Today there is consensus that French football will have to be reinvigorated. If the national team is doing well, then club football is in crisis.

Even before the outbreak of Kovid-19 and the absurd soap opera [du diffuseur sino-espagnol insolvable] Mediapro, French clubs’ performances in the European Cup were in free fall (with the exception of Paris-Saint-Germain doped by Qatari Gas Manna), quality of play and TV viewership was low, and the Professional Football League (LFP) The raining rain looked like a seeppool.

The very poor financial condition of the clubs ultimately gave rise to the idea that we could not continue in this way…

Healthy competitive shock

For some, it is necessary to reduce the system of solidarity and establish a salary cap, which the game’s economists loudly remind in saying that it is unfair for “Europeans” to be in a league open. For others, we should reduce the size of Ligue 1 and give a larger share of TV rights to larger cars participating in European competitions.

Among those who believe that a reduction in the size of Ligue 1 would be a salutary competitive setback, there is still a dividing line between supporters of a reduction in the number of professional clubs (and a concomitant decrease in the size of Ligue 2) and those who want Are, in contrast, the creation of a professional exhaustion 3 and the end of brown amateurishness.

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We might add that there is a debate on the merits of closing the summer transfer window, along with the annual number of promotions and accusations. [époque des transferts de joueurs entre clubs] From the first championship meet…

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There is also a more subliminal division between those who, on the one hand, are supporters of the creation of the European Super League (Paris-Saint-Germain, the Olympic Leonis and some other French leaders, if we are prepared to invite them to do so .) And who will see a guaranteed downgrade (because they will never be invited).

Contempt of english

The division marks the existence of a “crossroads” for European domestic leagues: Europe is the breeding ground for the greatest talent in the world’s most popular sport, but football has no European “Major League” – such as the North American major leagues. . Even if the geographic distance between European clubs is smaller than those that separate franchises of the same conference in the United States and Canada. For a sports spectacle at the exhibition, which has gone global, this absence of a European Super League seems a greeting.

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