Linking Cervino-Matterhorn and Monte Rosa to Alpine Tourism Step by Step with Time

Linking Cervino-Matterhorn and Monte Rosa to Alpine Tourism Step by Step with Time

Five Valleys, Three Regions, Two Nations and Five Districts: These are a large number of projects for cableway connections between the Cervino-Matterhorn and Monte Rosa ski areas., or between the Cime Bianche and Frachey hills: an interval characteristic d’union between the south and north of the Alps that would give life to a heterogeneous mountainous region uniting populations and traditions between Italy and Switzerland. all for investment of about 66 million euros, To form a district that will unite 30 minute ride various ski areas of Matterhorn Ski Paradise he was born in Monterosa SkisSkis attached to your feet for a total of 75 downhill slopes.

The project, whose feasibility study will only be completed in autumn 2022, still requires some environmental and economic assessments, but presents Definitive opportunities for growth and development for local communities and the region, This a. will also act as an attractive for Modern and quality tourism, with completely different needs from the past. Three years ago, the Val d’Aosta region commissioned Monterosa Spa to issue a tender for the receipt of an in-depth and transparent feasibility study aimed at assessing the overall impact of the project. Seen after an informal consultation on the area in 2015 More than 85% residents of the areas involved in the project (The valleys included are those of Valtournenche, Val d’Ayes, as well as Gressoni, Alagna and Zermatt, which are distributed in the regions of Piedmont, Val d’Aosta and Valais).

Not just skiing: new approaches to mountain tourism

Cableway connections, in addition to dramatically expanding the possibilities for ski enthusiasts, will also open up An unprecedented approach to mountain tourismIn favor of seasonal adjustment of the area above all thanks for the many opportunities outdoor activities at high altitudes, We speak, in particular, of Trekking and mountain bikingbut also the expansion offood and wine offer, For example, thanks to tourism to discover the customs and products of the Alpine population. then there will be Implications of a cultural and popular nature, However, mountain education today is a topic that is more topical than ever. And there is no better place than altitude to test the effects of global warming and explain the future of our mountains.

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So it is not to pursue mass tourism, but to make this region of the Alps more attractive., especially for international audiences. According to several field studies, over the next few years we will see an increasing influx of tourists from emerging countries, mainly Asia. People are eager to discover the Cities of the Arts and admire the Alps: a new type of clientele who want to not only practice winter sports but live unique experiences. With the new connection you will not only be able to ski 12 months a year, but It will be possible to bring in a large audience of the public who would otherwise not be able to enjoy these peaksFamous around the world and also with a strong tourist attraction, including Monte Rosa and the Matterhorn, thanks to its association with Zermatt.

focus on stability

However, the project cannot remain a utopia, It represents an essential development to support the future of the mountain and its communities. An important opportunity to change the pace in the future and develop modern tourism throughout the year in one of the most attractive regions of the Alps, Environmental, Economic and Social Sustainability, Building the connection will actually have the least possible impact on the area. Therefore the issue of environmental sustainability is one of the pillars on which similar technical feasibility studies are based. Walking along ski lifts also represents a time and energy savings compared to a car. This is another irrefutable plus in terms of eco-sustainability: the journey that separates Champolk from Zermatt is 240 kilometers, or about 4 hours by car. On the other hand, the connection line will be only 10 kilometers long.

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who is behind the project

today to support the initiative Publicity Committee Servino Monterosa Paradise, Born in 2020 with the aim of supporting the action plan for the construction of the connection between Cime Bianche and Frachey hills, providing and disseminating accurate and transparent information. The committee currently has over 600 members. Between local operators, companies, entrepreneurs and private citizens, the Aosta Valley and no more, united in the motto “connecting nature, sharing beauty”, Connect nature to share its beauty.

The chairman of the committee is Bruce McNillo., Born in Belgium to a Scottish father and an English mother, he discovered Cervinia as a boy thanks to his parents’ passion for the mountains. Over time, the alpine environment and culture becomes part of their lives and their personal and professional path. In addition to being a ski instructor, McNeil manages a hotel in Cervinia where he lives with his wife (from the Aosta Valley) and their two children. And it is precisely the interest and passion for the Aosta Valley and its future that inspires the enthusiasm with which he supports the committee.


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