Many brits are experiencing a reality shock

Many brits are experiencing a reality shock

Brussels “Put on the light. We’ll be back in Europe soon!” Scottish Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon battled on Twitter shortly before the turn of the year.

On the other hand, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson celebrated a massive halt between the United Kingdom and the European Union, which eventually took place on 1 January. But soon the mood may be very different.

Because now the whole impact of Brexit will be on the island. And many Brits would be surprised to learn that Brexit fans often do the opposite of what was promised. A reality setback is imminent, not unlike many of Trump’s fans in the US.

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European bureaucracy – only now really going to be tangible

For most Britons, this should become particularly tangible when it comes to a seemingly trivial issue: For decades, Brussels had an audience of fans of the European bureaucratic exit from which they had to get rid of.

When British students go to study abroad, employees work anywhere on the continent or ordinary citizens take a holiday in the European Union, they will quickly discover what the annoying bureaucracy really means. Even British experts are certain that the island’s economy will shrink.

And the independence movement is gaining strength not only in Scotland, but also for the first time in Wales. The “national fulfillment” promised by Johnson through Brexit could soon become a national nightmare. Instead of “gaining control”, London can quickly lose control. Johnson threatens to be deceived.

But the European Union has no reason to smuggle state self-mutilation. She faces her challenges.

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If the Sangh is to continue to be a success story then it is in the medium term, it should develop further. The British are no longer on a break, so there is no excuse.

Unfortunately, actual philosophies for this are yet in short supply.


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