Marmore Link and Pediluko Link, cooperation with the region, Trenitalia and Basitalia

Marmore Link and Pediluko Link, cooperation with the region, Trenitalia and Basitalia

Marmore Link and Pedilluko Link, the new collaboration between the region, Trenitalia and Basitalia

After the Assisi Link and the Trasimeno Line Marmor Link and Pediluko Link also come.

it was announced byRegional Councilor for Transport, Enrico Melasche.

“In Umbria” Train + Bus Formula Expands to New Territories. We have released Assisi Link e. but began to collaborate with Trenitalia and Busitalia From this summer 2021 we open at Marmore Falls and Pedilluko Lake, following the establishment of the Tresimeno Line, a summer train dedicated to bringing tourists to the various municipalities of the lake. Thanks to the intermodality provided by the two transport companies of the FSI Group, we have acquired a new service to make it even easier to travel by public transport to great places in Umbria.A, in this case of the Terni region, such that Waterfall Marmor And this Pidiluko Lake”.

“These are combinations of train + bus travel – inform Melasche –, with interchanges at Terni railway station, allowing Umbrian citizens and visitors from outside the region, both comfortable and cost-effective, along with new sustainable mobility options. A smart way to add value to our regional and local transport services. The Marmore Link – explains the commissioner – is the connection dedicated to the waterfall, one of the most famous tourist destinations in Umbria, often referred to as a symbol of the region. Also used in: 55 trips a day that are a few steps away from coming and going. Water jump. The Pedilluko link, on the other hand, is the connection with the lake at the bottom of the Umbrian Wood, especially by citizens in its It is highly appreciated for pleasant walks and for water sports such as rowing of which it is the federal headquarters and in which the region is investing. Part of the water fee. On peak days, to and from the lakeside There are 48 possible trips per day.

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Enrico Melesche, Councilor for Transport for the Umbria Region

Enrico Melesche

“The main advantage – Melaske’s conclusion – lies in it” Ease of consulting travel solutions across all Trenitalia sales channels and likely Buy tickets in one solution. As, Trenitalia website or app. Feather Or self-service vending machines, just search”Waterfall Marmor“O”pidiluko lake“As a place of arrival or departure. Or tickets can be requested both at Trenitalia ticket offices and at authorized Lottomatica points of sale, tobacconists, etc. The other advantage lies in the ease of use of the service. Very visible indication panels have been installed in Terni’s station, which are directed towards the bus stop point. Stops in both Terni and Waterfall and Lake have been customized with graphics on a red background that allows them to be recognized


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