Moderately positive session in Piazza Afari

Moderately positive session in Piazza Afari

(Teleborsa) – slight rise For the FTSE MIB, like the main European stock exchanges, in one days without particular tremors or volume, also because no relevant macroeconomic data will be released and because Wall Street is closed for the holidays. Istat confirmed inflation projections in Italy in December, stating that consumer prices last year returned to average growth for the year (+1.9%), registering the biggest increase since 2012 (+3%). Went.

On the corporate front, Generali (who reported his resignation from the board of directors romolo bardin, after Francesco Gaetano Caltagirone) and Falk Renewables (in partnership with Bluefloat Energy it won a tender for offshore wind in Scotland). They are showing excellent profit in waybuild (which is conducting roadshow for potential Bond “Stability Linked”“and was awarded a contract of 940 million euros in Saudi Arabia), FOPE (which was entered jump in revenue in 2021) and Schucker Frames (who signed .) new contracts for a total of 21.1 million euros).

In Europe, potential purchase by Unilever Consumer Healthcare Division of GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), the two stocks are moving in opposite directions. Lost ground in Credit Suisse stock exchange after leaving the company President Antonio Horta-Osorio Following allegations of violating certain quarantine rules for Covid-19.

The EUR/US Dollar was largely stable and stopped at 1.141, continuing the session at eve levels. Reporting a variation of +0.13%, gold continues the session at levels from a day earlier. Light sweet crude oil, which continued the day at $ 83.67 per barrel.

The spread consolidates to its pre-existing levels, settling at +136 basis points, with the return on the ten-year BTP at 1.28%.

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in Euroland indices Modestly positive day for Frankfurt, which rose marginally +0.42%, good performance for London, which rose 0.77%, and Paris backed, with a decent gain of 0.70%.

marginal increase for the Milanese Stock Exchange, with the FTSE MIB rising 0.44% to 27,664 points; On the same line, a short move forward for the FTSE Italia All-Share, which reaches the 30,156 mark.

FTSE Italia Mid Cap was slightly above par (+0.64%); On the same trend, FTSE Italia Star (+0.82%) rose.

middle of best artist Of Milan, the headlines were Teneris (+2.73%), Moncler (+1.79%), Buzzy Unisem (+1.30%) and STMicroelectronics (+1.25%).

The worst performance, on the other hand, is recorded at Telecom Italia, which receives -2.61%.

Atlantia under pressure, which alleges a 1.38% reduction.

The record slips with a clear loss of 1.26 per cent.

BPER in red, showing a significant drop of 1.07%.

middle of Best Stocks in FTSE Midcap, Alerian Clean Power (+3.93%), Waybuild (+3.49%), Esprinate (+2.89%) and MutianLine (+2.62%).

The worst performance, on the other hand, was recorded by Carol Industries, which achieved -3.49%.

The downside of BF stands out with a fall of 1.39%.

ERG dropped 1.33%.

Decided to decline in Caltagirone SpA, which is -1.05%.


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