“Money for honor to Saudi prince” is a storm

Michael Fawcett He is the man who, the Times writes, is the one who squeezed the toothpaste tube so the heir to the throne could brush his teeth. And this prince charles, Although not in these terms, he has repeatedly emphasized the importance of the employee who became a personal servant first from a simple waiter and then the one whom he “couldn’t do without”. Starting tomorrow, however, the Queen’s eldest son must find a solution: Fawcett has submitted his resignation – tentative until the end of the investigation – over the scandal that overwhelmed him in the exercise of the responsibilities he held as head of the Prince’s Foundation. done. , created by the future sovereign to sensitize various productive sectors to a sustainable economy.

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The allegations made by the Times and the Mail on Sunday are serious: by conferring honorary titles, Saudi businessman Mahfouz Marei Mubarak bin Mahfouz favored the granting of British citizenship in exchange for payment of thousands of pounds for benefits. of the same foundation. 1.5 million in total, to be precise, benefited the renovation of two Scottish residences owned by The Prince’s Foundation: May Castle, where the Queen Mother once lived, and Dumfries House.

the promised title
According to Reconstruction of Facts, the Saudi businessman needed to receive greater rewards and accolades in order to secure citizenship, which would allow him to invest in the United Kingdom. So the prince’s staff would have worked to ensure first an honorary CBE (Commander of the Order of the British Empire), a title Charles actually conferred on him in 2016, and then a KBG (Knight of the Order of the British Empire). the commander) . An investigation by two British newspapers has cited some e-mails that appear to show such an exchange of favours. In one of these, William Bortrick, Mahfouz’s adviser belonging to the British aristocracy, states that the CBE was “promised” in exchange for one and a half million pounds.
And here comes letters of recommendation to the Riyadh embassy, ​​which also includes Ash Wyndham, a former member of the prince’s staff. “I am delighted to support the appointment of Mahfouz Mari Mubarak bin Mahfouz to an honorary CBE,” he wrote, for “two very generous donations” to support the restoration of the palace and the replacement of the windows. Here is the letter signed by Fawcett and addressed to an assistant to Mahfouz: “In light of Her Majesty’s generosity, I am pleased to confirm with confidence that we are committed to supporting and contributing to the application for citizenship.” Ready and happy.. I can also confirm that we are ready to request the Commander to go to the Knight of the British Imperial Order ».

Duchess’s demand
As annoying as it is, one belonging to Prince Charles certainly isn’t the only cat peeling for Queen Elizabeth, who just yesterday was called in again for questioning by her nephew Harry and his wife Meghan. According to The Sun, the couple have asked the audience to meet with Sovereign to introduce her to Little Lilibet. Her Majesty’s staff, accusing the Duke of hypocrisy, have yet to react, according to palace sources, however, admitting that discussions are underway on the possibility of inviting the Sussexes to a Christmas dinner. It must be said that, amid the scandal of Prince Andrew being accused of repeatedly abusing a minor and now at risk of trial in the United States and this latest slip of Prince Charles, diatribe with Meghan and Harry less evil.


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