New Hampshire mom says she was kicked off a flight after refusing a 2-year-old mask: report

New Hampshire mom says she was kicked off a flight after refusing a 2-year-old mask: report

a New Hampshire Mom said one was forced American Airlines Flight last week because her 2-year-old son doesn’t wear a face mask between them Corona virus The epidemic, according to a report on Monday.

Rachel Starr Davis, 34, of Portsmouth, said in an Instagram post that she was sitting on a flight from NH, Manchester, NC to Charlotte when she told the flight attendant that the new running baby needed a mask.

“I tried again and again, begging her, bribing her, begging with her, I did everything I could while screaming and crying, when I felt her lowest as a mother.” On Instagram.

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She said this was her fourth American Airlines flight this week and her son had not been asked to wear a mask during a previous trip.

American Airlines says all passengers over the age of two are required to wear a mask while flying and those who refuse to wear face masks on their noses and mouths are “denied American travel and future travel,” according to the Portsmouth Herald. The airline did not immediately respond to a Fox News email.

“Policies are enforced and face-to-face cover on key issues during customer travel,” said Jinnah Airlines, a spokeswoman for American Airlines. Paper. “We have reached out to the family about their recent travel experience and to address their concerns.”

The mom’s Instagram post had about 190,000 likes by Monday night. Comments include users who support Davis and others who said she should be aware of the policy.

Davis said he apologized for how she was treated. He posted an update on his Instagram three days later.

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“I’ve been processing everything since that day, and I don’t expect to know how to process this against the thousands of new people who are watching and judging my every move. This is a brand new territory for me. Is, so he wrote, “Thank you to those who are showing grace and compassion while we explore.”

Davis goes on to say: “While I know that even this post I am writing now will be misunderstood by many, I want to bring awareness to the very real scenarios that are happening right now.”

Earlier this month, a Delta flight from Los Angeles According to a report, a woman sitting on the board was forced to return to Detroit after refusing to wear a mask. Deadline Detroit.

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In August Gust, a Texas mother sued her family The service was denied On a Southwest Airlines flight because she is 3 years old Son Do not paint the face with autism.

Fox News’ Janine Puhak and Janet Settember contributed to this report


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