Over 65, pregnant women … novelties of vaccine strategy

Over 65, pregnant women ... novelties of vaccine strategy

Are we going to shift a gear? While the Kovid-19 vaccination centers are still struggling to meet the appointments made, the High Health Authority (HAS) updated its recommendations on Tuesday, March 2, as part of France’s vaccination strategy. As Minister of Solidarity and Health Olivier Veran already noted in France 2’s television news on Monday evening, people over 65, who have comorbidities, can now be vaccinated against Kovid-19 with AstraZeneca’s product is. Until now, this vaccine was reserved for health professionals and children aged 50–64 years because there was not enough data to estimate its effectiveness in people over 65 years of age.

Based on the results of a Scottish study, HA assumes that it has sufficient efficacy data and therefore that there is no risk of injecting the AstraZeneca vaccine for the most vulnerable. Conducted in real life on a population of 5 million residents, the study aims to assess the effects of hospitalization by age group and vaccination according to vaccines (Pfizer or AstraZeneca). And differentiated analysis by type of vaccine proves the very high efficacy of the AstraZeneca product, which has been mainly administered to people over 65: it increases to 94% between 28 and 34 days after the first injection. According to HAS the “encouraging” result makes it possible to redefine the location of the AstraZeneca vaccine in vaccine strategies. We take stock of cheaper goods.

People over 65 can be vaccinated in an office for people with combidity

Now that we know that AstraZeneca vaccine reduces the risk of hospitalization, all patients over the age of 65 with co-morbidities can make an appointment with their general practitioner or specialist, as before. Is from In the case of 50–64 year olds. Compared to Pfizer and Moderna vaccines that require storage in a super freezer, AstraZeneca’s product can be stored between 2 and 8 degrees in the refrigerator, helping to diversify vaccination locations.

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There is no need, therefore, to try to go through vaccination centers that are already struggling to meet appointments for injections of Pfizer or Modern supplements. What’s more, HAS does not impose an age limit for vaccination with AstraZeneca and insists that “go fast”, it is possible for people over 75 to have their vaccination with the Estradeneca product instead of the vaccine Go to the doctor From Pfizer and Modern, stocks of which are still on time. Although 65–74-year-olds have not yet been included in the vaccination strategy, HAS recommends first, depending on the number of AstraZeneca supplements available to focus on this segment of the ‘Age’ is.

Mobile teams for vaccination at home

Another novelty that should delight those who have left since the start of the campaign, although eligible for vaccination, HAS recommends setting up mobile teams to house all those vaccinated at home. It is difficult to do. Even in vaccination centers or doctor’s offices. . For example, a non-autonomous person over the age of 75 who could receive only Pfizer or Moderna supplements can now give the AstraZeneca vaccine at home, which can be used to travel outside the home to authorized vaccinators. Thank you.

Midwives may prescribe vaccination for pregnant women at risk

While they were excluded from clinical trials of vaccines against Kovid-19, HAS favors midwives who are able to prescribe vaccination to pregnant women at risk. Especially “those over 35 years who are likely to be hospitalized with pregnancy”, says one at HAS. And this, even though technically, there is no evidence of the effectiveness of vaccines in this category of people. “There is no study, but no theoretical reason to say that the vaccine would not be recommended”, explains one to H.A. But beware, even if there is doubt about the effectiveness of the AstraZeneca vaccine in people older than 65, if a midwife prescribes a Kovid-19 vaccination to a pregnant woman, she must be accompanied by a messenger RNA vaccine. Should, that is to say, with the product of Pfizer or Modern.

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Pharmacists will be able to vaccinate, regardless of the type of vaccine

In the previous opinion, HAS was initially in favor of vaccination by pharmacists with only AstraZeneca’s product. An alternative inspired by the technique used – the viral vector – is more conventional than the messenger RNA vaccine. But easier than vaccines from Pfizer and Modern are also justified by storage conditions. Finally, HAS today announced itself in favor of increasing the vaccine skills of pharmacists, midwives and nurses for all vaccines. So it includes Pfizer and Moderna’s messenger RNA vaccines. And for good reason, the two labs are currently working on “a new, more stable formula” for their products, comments at HAS. It aims to facilitate the storage and transport conditions of the two vaccines. The new formulas for both products will soon be evaluated by the European Medicinal Agency and the National Medicinal Agency in France. If validated, pharmacists can quickly administer doses of messenger RNA vaccines.

Those who are already Kovid will be able to be vaccinated in one dose.

Health officials have chosen on February 12 to follow one of the recommendations made by the HAS, namely to vaccinate single-dose people who are already infected with SARAS-COV-2. If they have “recent PCR test for example, several weeks or a few months, [elles] Two injections of the vaccine from Pfizer or Modern will no longer be needed, only one will suffice ”, indicated by Olivier Veran, Minister of Solidarity and Health in 20 Hours of France 2 presented by Anne-Sophie Lapeer on Monday evening. In their opinion, they recommend waiting at least three months before being vaccinated, a minimum time to maximize the likelihood of protection against the virus.

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