Pandemic-stricken – “Without recovery, airport could end up in bankruptcy”

Tribune de Genève

“Without recovery, the airport could end up in bankruptcy”

State Council President, for Serge Dal Busco, Health Crisis

In the financial collapse against the backdrop of COVID, the airport will be able to borrow up to 200 million francs from the canton. Deputies approved the boost on Friday, without getting attached to social, ecological or timetable terms.

It’s the Scottish Shower: We’re Accused of Overheating While Flying to Rescue at an Airport Because It’s Bloodthirsty…

There is no contradiction. 200 million loan of last resort and subject to conditions imposed by the Competition Commission, may be activated only when all other possibilities are exhausted. No one disputes the existence of this airport, even though some may wish to reduce its activity. We must protect this essential infrastructure which could end up in bankruptcy if not recovered. This requires a re-orientation of airport management as far as democratic control initiatives are concerned, but without overdoing it. It has also been successful in residential communities, certainly influenced by airport activity, but not hostile to its existence.

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