Participate: Unions start at Table Capital from Rome, Jan.

Participate: Unions start at Table Capital from Rome, Jan.

Its objective is to “resume and improve services delivered to citizens, with a focus on quality of work while maintaining public management of services”.

“Relaunch and improve the services offered to citizens, focusing on the quality of work while maintaining public management of services. These are the main objectives that, during the first meeting, this afternoon, social partners, Deputy Mayor Sylvia Scosze and The topic of management and restructuring of the invested companies of Roma Capital was shared between the head of the cabinet Albino Ruberti. Thus, in a note, CGIL of Rome and Lazio, CISL Roma Capital Riti and UIL of Lazio. “which discussed It is an important issue for the development of the capital – the note continues -. As with the past, a discussion begins between the Capitoline administration and the trade unions on strategies and actions to be applied to public companies, in which the municipality is the sole shareholder or majority shareholder, providing vital services to the community, committing resources, etc. is huge and employs about 50 thousand workers between direct and indirect”.

“To the deputy mayor and the head of the cabinet – explain trade unions – we reiterated how urgent it is to intervene immediately on emergencies involving certain companies such as FarmCap and Roma Metropolitan and how, in the absence of immediate intervention, there is a risk of companies’ survival. At the same time, it is necessary to immediately open a close discussion to analyze important issues and perspectives for other companies. We are convinced that in addition to rehabilitating companies in difficulty, investing in the quality of work and It is necessary to act, as we have already shown in the list of priorities presented to Mayor Gualtieri at his inauguration. This is the way to address the precarious work and intervene in the procurement system that still continues to work poorly and produces insufficient services”.

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“There is a need for steady recruitment and investment in stable and intangible infrastructure, innovative and ambitious projects that aim to make the public fringes of existing companies rethink the system of companies that to date cannot guarantee services and work worthy of capital. Based on this — the note ends — we shared with the administration, starting in January, our definitions of a true strategic plan comparing individual companies, across the system by the end of February, along with categories. To come on. Investor companies of Roma Capital”.


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