Pierre Guarich, the designer who shaped modern France, comes out of the shadows

Pierre Guarich, the designer who shaped modern France, comes out of the shadows

In the 1950s, designers and interior designers signed several seats and lamps. Prefecture, court or ski resort with an impeccable sense of proportion and content, during the following decades before it was developed. An exhibition and a book ultimately do justice to this little creator.

A thick book, an exhibition of his rare pieces in a Parisian gallery: designer and interior architect Pierre Guarichi (1926–1995) finally coming out of the shadows? he deserves it. “In Guarich, design is always right” The gallery’s owner cheers Pascal Cassinier, who has assembled a pleasing indirect lighting, profile table, comfortable seats, and clever sideboards to diffuse lamps.

After graduating from the National School of Decorative Arts in 1949, with a training as an interior designer, Pierre Guarichi, who first studied electrical engineering, immediately sought to experiment with techniques and materials. He wants to shape post-war modernity. A Paris gallery, MAI (furniture, architecture, installations), immediately placed an order with him. At the age of 25, he created a modular library-cupboard-secretary-bar set for him. The elements are hung on a thin vertical metal rail fixed to the floor and ceiling. The result is Hawaii.

Pair of G10 twenty armchairs by Pierre Guarchi (1953).

Hervé Lewandowski / Courtesy Gallari / Pascal Cuisineer

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