Podcasts to listen to on World Environment Day – Corriere.it

Podcasts to listen to on World Environment Day - Corriere.it

On June 5, as has been the case every year 1974, and celebrates World Environment Day. this time the theme “Ecosystem Restoration”With the aim of preventing, preventing and reversing damage to ecosystems. on 5th June 2021 United Nations Decade for Ecosystem RestorationFrom forests to fields, from mountain tops to the depths of the ocean, introduced with a global mission to regenerate billions of hectares. The anniversary was established by the United Nations General Assembly 1972 For remembering conference on environment what happened in stockholm From 5 to 16 June 1972 and which worked to prepare the framework of the United Nations Environment Programme. present many podcasts (If you don’t know what they are or how to listen to them, here’s our guide) related to the environment And cover topics like climate, forest, sustainability, sea etc. for the occasion We have 11. have chosen.

climates: Journalist and environmental popular Nicolas Logito explains in every episode The lives and discoveries of those who pioneered climate science and environmental activism. There are five episodes produced by Pillow Talk, available on free listening apps. To date, three have emerged, dedicated respectively to Eunice Newton Foote, an American amateur scientist and feminist who in 1856 was the first to understand the theory of the greenhouse effect; Mario Molina, Mexican scientist who won the 1995 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for discovering anthropogenic causes of the hole in the ozone layer; and Wangari Maathai, an indigenous Kenyan activist who founded the Green Belt movement in the 1970s and won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2004.

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alphabet of stability: podcast series by series radio 24 Scientific Popular by Scientific Journalist Chiara Albicoco with Ruggero Rollini (Here you can find an interview with Rollini Planet 2021, In place of Courier service Dedicated to the environment and sustainability). There are 21 stakes, as many as the letters of the Italian alphabet. For each letter, a theme: A for “environment” to Z for “zero emissions”. Thus the listener has the opportunity to learn a range of key concepts.of Understand environmental sustainability and climate change. It is found on free apps.

Sostenibilit for beginners: Various issues related to sustainability are being discussed From circular economy to sustainable tourism With a language within reach of everyone. A program designed for a broad and cross-sectional audience, which integrates expert opinion and the opinion of the general public. Produced by Gli Lissonbili and powered by Giovanni Campo, it consists of 24 episodes published on the free app between 2019 and 2020.

Customization ItaliaFor: Marco Merola, journalist and science writer, and an Audible original podcast produced by The Trip, a creative agency in Rome Give good examples of how some Italian communities are adapting to climate change and eliminating common spaces and clichés on environmental issues.. A journey through eight regions that are experimenting with solutions to live with the changes taking place and working to build a more sustainable and ecological model of life. from June 5 your audible.it.

ecotone: Podcast on Italian Forest Heritage, produced by Compagnia delle Forest. The creator and presenter is Ferdinando Cotugno, journalist who deals with ecology, environment and climate change, author of the book italian wood, and Luigi Toregiani, forestry specialist journalist and forestry physician. The first season, consisting of ten monthly episodes (two have come out, plus zero episodes), represents A Journey into the Italian Jungles, Region by Region. It is found on free apps, such as sprayer. The beginning took place on the occasion of International Day of Forests, which is celebrated on 21 March. (Here you’ll find an in-depth article on the podcast)

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Agenda 2030: The United Nations has identified 17 goals to be achieved by 2030. These are the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) for Sustainable Development, a massive action program that member countries are committed to achieving by 2030. They are defined as “common goals” because no individual and society is excluded from it. Alessandra Fornasiero and Camila Colucchi, Founder of Innovative Start-up Circular and an expert on sustainability issues, in each episode of the podcastCreated by Roger and available on Free Apps, faceone of these goals, Businessmen are talking about it to women and men or prominent figures in civil society and some young representatives of the European Parliament.

sea ​​of ​​stories: author, explorer, science writer and underwater photographer, Alberto Luca Recchi relives his greatest underwater adventures (and audacity) in the oceansRecalling the most exciting close encounters of your life for the purpose of Raising awareness of the value and richness of biodiversity and the conservation of oceans. Each of the six episodes has a marine inhabitant as its protagonist, with Rechi emphasizing the most curious, exciting and contradictory elements. The podcast produced by Dopecast is available on free listening apps starting June 8th (World Oceans Day).

R-Stories: paola maugeri, Writer, Podcaster and DJ, with usA Journey Through the Lives of Five Inventors and Inventors – from Graeme O’Brie, “The Flying Scotsman”, to Pier Franco Midali, former mayor of Vignella (in verbano) – who used the pillars of the environmental revolution (recycle, recover, reuse, reduce, regenerate) To run your small and big businesses. five episodes, produced by Chora Media, available from June 13 on all listening apps (one for every five Sundays). R-Stories inaugurated Mark, the multi-series podcast of the HERA Group (the multi-utility leader in environmental services) to express its values ​​and bring a wider audience closer to environmental issues.

Stability in 1 minute: Three tablets a week on facts, research, curiosities, ideas with environmental and social sustainability as their leitmotif. A LifeGate radio program, every Saturday on the free app.

voice green: Weekly Appointment. with Updates on the green world summarized in a few minutes. The Podcastery podcast is released every Saturday across all platforms, including Spotify.

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