Politicians promote soft drinks at climate summit

Politicians promote soft drinks at climate summit

The climate summit in Glasgow has Irn-Bru instead of Kola or Fanta. Orange soft drink is considered a kind of national drink in Scotland. A real publicity has erupted about Irn-Bru among many lawmakers.

Irn-Bru is a caffeinated soft drink from Scotland. The drink is known for its bright orange color. This includes carbonated water, sugar, acids, flavors and colors. The soft drink has been produced by A.G. Barr since 1899. Irn-Bru is sold in Great Britain, Ireland, Russia, Canada, South Africa, parts of Europe and Australia, as well as Singapore.

For example, US Congressman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez filmed herself trying a soft drink and posted the video to Instagram. Your conclusion should please the producer: “It tastes like a soda from Puerto Rico. Oh my god, I love it!”

According to his own statements, Ocasio-Cortez initially failed to get a can. Scottish Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon then rushed to his aid. Sturgeon personally presented Irn-Bru to the US lawmaker and posted a photo on Twitter.

Dreeli Solomon, MP for the island state of Vanuatu, is also enthusiastic about the Scottish soft drink: “I’ve never seen the drink before. Now I’ve tried it and I’m addicted,” he says “Guardian”,

Nigerian climate activist Aziz Ajungekar also loves the drink: since he has lived in Scotland, it has been his staple drink. The Irn-Bru company is delighted with this promotion: it is unprecedented that the Scottish ginger nectar has attracted so much attention from representatives around the world.

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“It’s Water With Too Much Sugar”

But not all MPs Irran-Bru like. ‘Is that lemonade? is this cola? Is this wine? It doesn’t even tell what it is. I don’t understand », says Malaika Dauselin Russo from Rwanda. It is like water with a lot of sugar and little taste.

German Michael Buchl is also not convinced of the soft drink: The first sip was shocking, he told the Guardian. It certainly wouldn’t be his favorite drink and he probably would never drink it outside of Scotland either. “But it just becomes part of the experience.”

(Essential / Barbara Scherer)

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