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Gennaro Mansi

The fate of the British Government is now tied boris johnson, The former London mayor, who has distinguished himself as one of Brexit’s main advocates, is now battling an earthquake within his own political bloc, with more and more conservative allies calling for his resignation.

The most severe blow came on Tuesday evening, when letters of resignation from the Treasury minister reached 10 Downing Street within minutes. Rishi Sunkihealth minister Sajid Javido and under secretary for family will quince, All prominent members of the Conservative Party. All are angered by Johnson and his nefarious behavior, bordering (often crossing) illegality and moral wrongness.

In an open letter, outgoing Chancellor Sunak explained the choice to leave the executive: “Citizens expect government activity to be conducted in a correct, competent and serious manner”, the words of the head of finance. Who then commented: “I think it’s worth fighting for these standards, and that’s why I’m resigning.”

It didn’t get much better on Wednesday, a day the British parliamentary system has traditionally reserved for Question Hour, the prime minister’s oral answers to MEPs’ questions. In a furious atmosphere, Johnson received loud broadsides from opposition benches, causing Labor to shout “Go! Go!and stressed Johnson’s inability to hold executive positions.

But maybe it got worse on the other side of the room (her). the histrionic leader Londoner was actually contested by some Conservative MPs, beginning with Tim Lawton, who asked Johnson if there was anything that would prompt him to resign. During the day Johnson also attended a meeting of the so-called “1922 Committee“, which sets the guidelines for confidence motions and may determine its immediate future.

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Yet Downing Street tenants say straight: “Frankly, the prime minister’s job in difficult circumstances, when he is given a vast mandate, is to move forward,” Johnson said during London’s Question Hour.

According to his aides, the prime minister has no intention of giving up, even at the cost of politically dishonest measures. Meanwhile, the former mayor of London immediately replaced the two ministers, appointing his cabinet chief, Steve Barkleyas health secretary, and publicity nadim zahavi From education to economics.

But the ground beneath the feet of the East prodigy The situation in British politics is becoming unstable. Scotland is not the only one pushing for a new referendum on independence in 2023. a complete list of errors Which irreparably seals BoJo’s political fate. The climax was the fine imposed on him by the London Police for violating the anti-Covid restrictions adopted by his own government. And so, while it was not even allowed to host family members in the rest of the country, his executive toasted in Downing Street without masks and distancing.


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