Queen Elizabeth is serious. The royal family gathered by their bedside in Balmoral, Scotland

La Regina Elisabetta è grave. La famiglia reale riunita al suo capezzale a Balmoral in Scozia

A statement from Buckingham Palace announced that doctors were concerned about the sovereign’s health. Changing of the guard in the royal palace has been banned. BBC Journalist in Black

Queen Elizabeth is serious. His son Charles is at his bedside with his wife Camilla and his sister Anna. Other members of the royal family are moving to Scotland. A flight landed in Aberdeen, the nearest airport to Balmoral Castle in Scotland, with Prince William, Duke of York Andrew, Earl Edward and Countess of Wessex landing as Harry and his wife Megan.

The whole of Britain is holding its breath but a statement issued by Buckingham Palace in the early afternoon shows the gravity of the situation. It is not normal for the palace to comment on the health of members of the royal family. Buckingham Palace said: “Doctors are concerned about Queen Elizabeth’s health condition, and they have kept her under observation.

Elizabeth II is 96 years old, ruled for 70 years and is deeply loved by the English people who consider her as the reference point for national unity. The sovereign has appointed 15 prime ministers: the first was Winston Churchill and the last was Liz Truss, a few days earlier.

Queen Elizabeth looked tired and lean as she met with the new Prime Minister Truss. All official royal appointments have been canceled

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